Work Out to Pick Up

A strange event occurred recently which Nicholas and I had never witnessed before.  Though at the time we saw it as unfortunate, we now see that it taught us a valuable lesson.  What happened was we went out one night with a guy, I’ll call him George, who also happens to be a model.  Now, we had never been out with a model before.  I should mention that he isn’t overly good looking, he’s more normal looking than anything.  I’m confident enough with my sexuality that I can admit when a guy is good looking or not.  I honestly wouldn’t say he is any better looking than Nicholas or myself.  The only difference is that he has a RAGING 8 pack.  If you could fit any more “packs” into an 8 pack, he did it.  There were packs on top of his packs.

The amount of girls that he was able to pick up compared to the amount of girls we picked up was totally different.  He had NO game and NO style.  I’m not hating on him either, he’s a nice guy and everything but facts are facts.  He also doesn’t have much of a personality (typical model).  Literally ALL he had to do was flash his 20 pack abs and girls flocked to him like flies to poop.  Eventually, however, they found out that he didn’t have much to talk about so they ended up leaving him out of boredom.  The fact remained: a chiseled physique does wonders for your game!

Now just imagine if you had a rocking body, on point style, and amazing game.  You would be a true predator, unmatched in your domain!  Take the lesson and run with it.  Fortunately for most of us, your physical appearance is definitely something that you can change.  You just need consistency.  Consistency in your diet and consistency with your workouts.  Also, it takes time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a six pack isn’t formed after 2 weeks of working out.

abercrombie models

Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.  I actually used to be fat and was even made fun of for it.  I decided to change one day, and started a life long love of healthy eating and exercise.  While I don’t have a six pack at the moment, I am pretty jacked (not to brag, seriously).  I can squat 365 lbs, 10 times.  I’m really not trying to brag, I’m no better than anyone else.  I’m just saying that it IS possible for anyone to get fit.  Before I got in shape I couldn’t even do one pullup (fact!).  I also almost competed in a bodybuilding competition, but got injured beforehand.

To be sure, you do NOT need to be in shape to pick up women.  Women don’t care about appearance as much as men do.  But it IS important and it WILL help out your game a ton.  Start reading fitness articles on and look through their workout/diet plans.  Look at before and after stories for motivation.  Tons of people out there are conquering their bodies, and you can too!


Pierre VonAyre