Why Canned Lines get you Nowhere

There are a lot of guys out there trying to suggest that using canned lines when approaching women initially is the best way to go about doing it.  While I see the point they’re making, and even somewhat agree with the practice, I think in the long run it isn’t really a beneficial thing to do.  I mean I guess from the point of view of someone who is really shy, canned lines would be useful in stimulating conversation, but there are definitely better ways of doing so.  I’ve tried it myself in the field and I learned some things in the process.


Gentlemen, the field doesn’t lie.  Whatever I say, or anyone else says for that matter, doesn’t really count unless it works for you in the field.  Everyone is different, and you will find that different tactics will work better for you than others.  That being said, go out there and try some canned lines to see what you really think about them.  But, don’t come crying to me when you run out of canned things to say and you can’t carry a conversation because you don’t actually have anything interesting to talk about.

You see that’s the problem with canned lines, they are exactly as the name implies, canned!  Once you run out of them, what else is there to say?  If the only thing on your mind is a bunch of canned lines that you memorized, then how are you going to engage in a stimulating conversation without them.  You can’t use canned material for everything in life.  That’s my main issue with using canned lines; you can’t go through life with canned material.  Are you going to used canned lines on a date?  In an interview?  No way!

guy trying to pick up

The whole point of becoming successful at attracting women is not simply just to pick up women.  You are trying to develop a personality and a way of attracting EVERYONE to you.  Attraction works in all areas of life.  You can land a hot new job just by having an awesome personality.  You can get people to bend over backwards for you simply by “seducing” them.  I don’t mean that in the sexual sense, but rather as a concept.  Having a seductive personality means that you draw people to you naturally with your positive attitude and charisma.  Your success in the field should translate to success in other areas of your life as well.

In saying that, I would like to point out that in no way do canned lines help you do any of the items listed above.  Yeah they may work, and even work well, but it’s your personality and confidence that really matter more than anything else.  So, like I said previously, in the long run canned lines will not work out well for you.  Instead try approaching women with all of the methods that we suggest in the many articles we have already written.  Try to genuinely strike up an interesting conversation which is mentally stimulating for the both of you.  Try to let your personality shine through and be confident in who you are and in what you have to say.  You are more than a canned person, and she deserves more than a canned line!


Pierre VonAyre