What is the Peacocking Theory?

rockstar statusSo you want to approach and pick up beautiful women? What does it take to accomplish such a hard task? It’s actually not hard at all. The key to attracting women is to stand out, and when I say stand out I don’t mean to scream like Tarzan in the middle of the room looking like a complete and utter moron. You got to stand out via your style. Yes, your style. You don’t have a style? Well then we gotta help you get one! I will tell you right now those men who are unwilling to change will get absolutely no where. Einstein said it best, “if you do the same things over and over expecting different results you are insane.” For example, if I go to a bar or club and smell like crap and do not attract any women, can you blame me? Yes, I can blame you. Take a damn shower! If you constantly go out looking like crap, no attractive and respectable woman would want to date you or even get to know you. If you want to attract an extraordinary woman, you got to dress extraordinary. Now let me tell you about the concept of peacocking.

So what exactly is a peacock? You see in the wild, the peacock with the most beautiful feathers, or simply the one who stands out the most will succeed in attractive the opposite mate. Now when it comes to women this holds true when it comes to attracting them. The reason I underlined attracting is so you do not think that peacocking is all that you need to do to pick up women. This is just the start. You need to look good and stand out. Trust me, women will notice you more and will even come out of THEIR way to compliment you or talk to you. Think about this for a second. Let’s say a rockstar walks into your local popping off club. What do you think will happen? All the beautiful women will all of a sudden be attracted to him. Why is this? Is it because of his status? Sure, but for the sake of this example, let’s say no one knows who he is. He just simply looks like a rockstar. He walks in as if he owns the place. Let’s say his confidence level is as high as a two inch stick, but for some reason all the beautiful women are staring in his direction.


Why is this? Is it because they are curious? Yes. But also more importantly it is because he STANDS OUT from the rest of the crowd. Now let’s continue the story by expanding the details of the environment. Let’s say there are 100 people in this club and they are all beautiful. But all the 50 men are dressed in a tuxedo and all the 50 women are dressed in stunning dresses. This one guy, the 101 on the list, gets into the club by looking like a rockstar. Immediately, all the beautiful are staring in curious mindsets thinking “Who is this guy?” And “why is he so hot?” You see, the fact that the guy stands out has already attracted the attention of these women. Now if he let out a loud fart and everyone hears and smells it, his status will be as useful as rubber lips on a woodpecker. So once again like I said, peacocking can help you to ATTRACT and CAPTURE the attention of the women but it is simply one part of the equation. Be sure to read the other posts to gain more insight into The Wolf tactics.