There Are No Rules for Pickups

Nicholas here. I like to crash the whole pickup scene once in a while, you know shake it up; cause I can. I’ve tried every style that you can imagine to pickup chicks ranging from the goth look to the international playboy. What I’ve noticed is that the international playboy look ALWAYS beats any other look. The reason is because women are geared mentally toward a man who gives the vibe of success.

No woman wants to date a loser, so if you dress goth, preppy, plain, or sporty, you will not succeed ultimately with super hot babes (plural). Notice how I said plural. Sure, if you are lucky you may succeed with one or two beautiful women in your lifetime; however, if you want CONSISTENT success, you want to portray the successful image of the international playboy.

Nicholas Diamond 2

The funny thing is once you get into this character that you “play”, women will start liking you a lot more, and it actually helps to get you off your butt and to do things. For example, I was not always a player (I know can you believe it?), but once I started trying different styles (both clothing and personality), I discovered the international playboy. I actually started living as the player. I would go and mingle with successful men at exclusive clubs forming connections which helped me make more money. The more money I made, the more my confidence went up and the better the clothing styles came.

I went from buying $20 shirts to $250 exclusive designer shirts. It didn’t happen overnight but it had EVERYTHING to do with my ATTITUDE. Once you start to BELIEVE that you are meant for success, you WILL succeed. This is the MAIN reason why guys fail. They think that they are NOT worthy of a beautiful woman. It is true. Don’t believe me? Simply write down 5 reasons why the next beautiful sports illustrated model should date you. Be serious. Do this now.

Almost every guy will not think of ONE reason why she would date him. Oh, is it because you have abs? Okay, give me 4 more reasons. I used to think  I was not worthy of a beautiful woman and it became obvious because my inner-self was a loser image that I portrayed. Now, women are only SO LUCKY to be with me! The mentality and attitude has changed! This is WHY I pick up 9 of every 10 beautiful women that I speak to. I pick them up because there are NO rules. I do what I want and talk to who I want. I am the Boss. Give women what they want; a successful image of an international playboy.