The Working Beauties

I would venture to say that ALL men desire to pick up a waitress at some point in their lives.  Let’s face it, we all probably see AT LEAST one hot bartender or waitress every time we go out.  However, the same thing seems to happen if we even venture to talk to them.  You feel like you have good rapport with her, she’s even downright flirting with you.  At the end of the night you ask for her number, or give her yours.  One of three things always happens; you either get rejected, she never responds if you get her number, or she never hits you up if you give her yours.

If you can relate to that, then gentlemen this article is for you!  You see the problem with waitresses and bartenders is that ALL the guys that come in hit on them, especially the drunk guys.  They aren’t drinking and you are (mostly), so they assume that you’re probably buzzed.  They are also working, so they aren’t really relaxed.  Also, they flirt with you on purpose to get better tips!  I mean why not?  I would too.

Don’t get sucked into that game gentlemen.  Sure you can flirt back with them, but don’t be so anxious like EVERY OTHER guy in the bar trying to pick them up on the spot.  Picking up a waitress on the spot is very difficult unless you are a seasoned veteran.  However, there IS hope!  You just need to know the strategy on how to actually go about picking them up.


The first part of your strategy is to go to a place with the intentions of becoming a regular there.  We talk about the benefits of becoming a regular at 2 or 3 bars, but for the purposes of this article I will focus on this one.  You see, becoming a regular is VERY important.  The reason is because you need to let her get FAMILIAR with you.  She needs to be able to recognize you and get to know you a bit more so that she knows you’re not just like EVERY other guy in there.

Treat it as if you are getting to know her, but in order to do so you need to go there to talk to her.  IMPORTANT; do not make it seem like you go there JUST to talk to her.  You should also talk to OTHER girls and let her see you doing it!  Even talk to other waitresses there as well so she doesn’t think she’s special or anything (even though she is in your mind).

When you go there, you should always strike up a conversation with her and address her by her name (which you should find out the first time).  Use all of our conversational tactics and flirt with her using our smooth seduction techniques except you NEED to tone it down a bit.  For this case, you need to be in it for the longer term, so go in with that mindset.  Eventually, after going there a good amount of times where she immediately recognizes you and talks to you, then you can go for the number and arrange the date!

The amount of times it takes just depends on how well you converse with her.   It could be after the 4th time or the 10th time.  Let the games begin!


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”