The Walking Dead

We have all seen them before, and unfortunately every club and bar in the world has them.  They stalk women throughout the club, sometimes working in teams to surround unsuspecting girls.  They spend all of their money on drinks only to end up with zero numbers at the end of the night.  They walk around and successfully cockblock any attempt that you could make at attracting a woman.  They are the horde of zombies sucking all life away from the night life scene.  We here at Seduction Wolf like to call them “Drinks Guys.”

Mindless, talentless, and full of testosterone, these drinks guys love to approach women and offer them a drink as soon as they walk up to the girl.  You will easily spot them out when you’re casually hanging out at the bar with your wingman.  I’ve even seen a good 8-10 drinks guys completely surround a group of 5 girls and close in like a zombie attack; all with offers of drinks.  DRIINNKKKSSSS (said in a mindless zombie tone).  They actually look like they’re succeeding sometimes because they seemingly engage a girl in conversation for a good 5-10 minutes.  Don’t let yourself be deceived.  The girl is only talking to them for the free drink.

drinks guys

I have to admit that it is a somewhat clever tactic.  They are successfully buying themselves time to talk with that girl.  However, if you listen to the actual conversation, it sounds more like an interview than anything else.  Where do you work?  Where did you go to school?  Do you like your job?  Where do you live?  And on, and on, and on.  BORING!  I could have a more stimulating conversation with the homeless guy on the side of the road.  At least he would have some more interesting stories to tell.

Do NOT be one of these drinks guys.  Stand out from the crowd.  Don’t offer girls drinks unless you have been talking to them for a good 10 minutes, your conversation is going really well, and you actually think it’s going somewhere.  Don’t get me wrong, interview questions are necessary, but don’t get caught in the cycle of asking way too many.  Spice up your conversation!

Also, the other reason I mention drinks guys is that you need to be aware of them.  Sometimes they can be a little hostile (depending on the environment) so you need to know who to avoid.  They can also cockblock you at times, so you need to be aware of where they’re moving around so that you can deal with the cockblock.  A drinks guy can be easily dealt with if you just kind of shrug them off and capture the girl’s attention away from the guy.  Just make a funny joke and kind of move your body in between the guy and the girl.  Avert her attention away, and he will get the hint and leave.  No need to be hostile to them, you can even compliment them.  Make quick friends with them!  Say something like, “yo guy that’s a sick shirt, lots of girls here tonight!  You’re the man dude.”  Then give the guy daps.  Then move between him and the girl and keep talking to her.  Easy as that!


Pierre VonAyre