The Rules of Engagement

For sure, there is safety in structure.  What I mean by that is, the dynamics of the nightlife scene require you to be structured in how you attack it.  We here at Seduction Wolf believe that there are certain “rules” you have to follow in order to ensure that you have a good night.  Now, I’m not talking about rules regarding what you say to women, but how you actually go about maneuvering and interacting with the night scene.

Let me elaborate a little bit; if you are new to the pickup game, you will come to find out that the night scene has certain patterns that repeat themselves occasionally.  Not that every night will have the same patterns, but some nights will be very similar to others in terms of the “dynamics” of the clubs that you go to.  For example, we went out this past Saturday evening.  The “pattern” of the night was that there were many hot girls in the club, but none of them were actually approachable because they were in certain cliques which would have made it very difficult to approach.

This type of “clique pattern” occurs occasionally, but always has the same result.  There are hot girls around you, but they are in groups with close friends (including many guys).  The thing is, they are part of a wedding party, or birthday party, so they all know each other and are not really looking to talk to any outsiders.  Most likely you will be seen as a bit weird or creepy if you try to interact with their group.  Of course, if you pull out some magic tricks out of your butt to entertain them, you could probably enter into their inner circle.  But I’m no court jester.  I’m a wolf.

Specifically, that night there was a wedding party and birthday party in the club.

Understand what I mean by club dynamics and patterns?  There are others which will also repeat themselves occasionally.

rules of engagement

So, my point is that you need to create certain rules for yourself which will help you deal with patterns when you recognize them.  For example, with the pattern I mentioned above, as soon as we recognized what was going on we have a rule to just cut our losses and move on.  So we went to a totally different bar, even though we had only been there for 10-15 minutes.  Why waste your time and hopes by sticking around in an environment that you KNOW is not good for approaching?

Also, it is good to make rules for yourself in order to stay within certain parameters that optimize your ability to pickup women.  I will explain with an example; we have a rule that we have no more than 2 beers and 2 shots in a night because then we start to cross the threshold of being too buzzed.  When you start to cross that threshold, some stupid crap starts to come out of your mouth.  I don’t care what you think, drunk dudes can’t pick up women.  Regardless, we have found that the specific amount of alcohol mentioned above keeps us at the best level where we are feeling good and of sound mind, and we can easily talk to women.

We have many other rules which we try to follow in order to make sure we have a good night and don’t waste our time with stupid people or at stupid places.  When you start to notice certain things that you do, certain people that surround you, and club dynamic patterns, you should start to make rules for yourself.


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”