The First Kiss

The first kiss is one of the many milestones in a relationship with a woman.  There are those out there that talk about the “kiss close” when you are in the field.  That is usually when a guy will kiss a girl after only a few minutes of talking to them in order to seal the deal.  Others say that the best way is to kiss on the first date, and that if you don’t kiss then, you’re pretty much out of the picture.  I’m going with my own bit of advice concerning this matter.

I would say that when I first meet a girl who I am really interested in, I am looking forward to kissing her.  I really enjoy kissing, and I know girls do as well.  Also, this may come as a surprise to you, but girls actually WANT to kiss you.  They are looking forward to the first kiss just as much as you are.  So there is this built up tension between you two and she is sitting there wondering, “when is he going to kiss me.”

This means that, in a way, the ball is in your court because you are the one expected to make the first move with the kiss.  That means you can keep the mystery as long or as short as you want to.  Do you want to break the “kissing” tension, or do you want to hold it as long as you can?  I think it is important not to feel rushed to try to kiss her as soon as you can.  What’s your rush anyway?  Nothing good in life is gained by rushing.  I mean, look at those dudes that participated in the Gold Rush.  Most of them didn’t make it rich.  The guys who did make it rich were the patient ones who thought outside of the box.

first kiss

That’s who you have to be, the cool calm collected guy who isn’t rushing into anything.  You wait until the right time to make your move.  When the right time is exactly, I can’t really say.  It all depends on the situation at hand.  When it’s the right time to kiss her, you’ll feel it.  It may be on the first date or not until the fourth date.  One time I didn’t kiss a girl until the 6th date, and since I had let all the kissing tension build up, it all blew up when I did finally make the move (blew up in a good way!).  That being said, I would stay away from kissing a girl when you first meet her in a club.  What are you, desperate?

What you could do is play around a little bit to help build up that tension.  While you are on the date you can run your fingers through her hair or get really close to her face when you’re in that “lovey dovey” mode.  Every time you get close to her face she’ll be thinking “OMG is he going to kiss me now?!”  This will help build up her excitement, especially when you don’t kiss her.  What you DON’T want to do is wait too long, or wuss out when the “right” opportunity comes along.

The right opportunity will most likely be after a nice dinner date.  At the end of the night when you’re dropping her off, or even sometime in the middle when you’re walking around or something, she will get real close to you and will be looking in your eyes or at your lips.  You’ll feel it, she really wants you to kiss her.  So do it!


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”