The Bad Boy Look: A Gold Necklace and a Black Wife Beater

If you want to attract hot and beautiful women, you need to have the bad boy look. What does this mean? Everyone and their dog keeps talking about how women are attracted to the bad boy, but who really knows what this means exactly? I do. You know the expression: fake it till you make it? Well, I will confess something to all of you reading this. I use to be the biggest faker ever, and women would notice it as soon as I started to talk because I didn’t have the qualities of the bad boy. However, over time, I learned how to dress like the bad boy so women knew exactly what to expect from me. I became the man that was not your boyfriend. Women liked this because they weren’t looking for a relationship. They were looking for a Mr. Right Now if you know what I mean.

brad pitt bad boy

There are multiple ways to dress like a bad boy but I will only cover 2 parts in this section. Others will be added to upcoming posts of the perfect bad boy. Rule #1, always wear a gold necklace that is visible. Rule #2, always wear a black wife beater underneath your shirt which shows your chest hair. You can have chest hair or you can choose to shave your chest. Again like I said before, there are many ways to do this; however, make sure to follow my advice if you want the perfect bad boy look. Unlike the other “gurus” out there, I have tested this stuff personally in the field with thousands of women. You will NOT find what I share on any website on the Internet; I guarantee you.

So why should you have a gold necklace? First, this will probably cost you about a few hundred dollars. The bad boy looks GOOD, so a gold necklace says a lot about your personality. Most men out and about are wearing silver necklaces which makes them look like wannabee tough guys. A gold necklace stands out and makes you look like the man. Make sure to try the gold necklace on yourself at the store and stay away from online purchases. You have to see it on yourself before you decide to purchase. And always go for a semi-thin or small width gold necklace. The larger the necklace, the more desperate you look.

gold necklace men

The gold necklace will immediately capture a woman’s attention and you will stand out. Remember the peacocking theory? The more you stand out, the more chances you have of picking up beautiful women. The second rule for the bad boy is to wear a black wife beater. There is something about a wife beater that turns a woman on. They see it as a bad boy magnet for whatever reason. Make sure that your shirt fits you and get it a little bit tight so it makes you look more muscular. Most men get clothes that are too big and baggy which looks stupid.

black wife beater

You have the option of wearing a wife beater under your dress shirt or simply wearing a wife beater under a leather jacket. The choice is up to you but you should NEVER wear a wife beater by itself because you will look trashy. Have you ever seen those guys at the bar with super tight affliction shirts? I will tell you right now, most of them never attract a beautiful woman. There are two reasons for why they don’t. One is because they are dressing like every other meat head and the second is because it looks like they are showing off their muscles which most women do not like.

You have to leave a bit of mystery, so make sure you wear the black wife beater under a leather jacket or under a dress shirt. The dress shirt has to be unbuttoned via 3 buttons at the top. You may be a bit uncomfortable showing too much but it actually does the opposite because it shows balls. Oh and never buy a white wife beater because it will make you look like a red neck. There is a difference between a white and black wife beater. It means the difference between going home with a beautiful woman or going home by yourself. Big difference. In the near future, I will add more accessories that a bad boy needs to have.