The Art of The Perfect Scent

I know what most of you think about the way you smell, “All I need is a good smelling cologne and I’m all set.”  That is fatally wrong when it comes to the world of pickup.  Little do most men know that you need to build a whole scent around yourself that completely intoxicates a woman by your smell.  There is a special trick to doing so and this post will totally FLIP around what you think about the scents you are using!

Cologne by itself will NOT be effective enough; so if you just rely on your cologne to get by STOP right now!  A well-dressed man is NOTHING without an INTOXICATING smell to go with him.

Ages ago, during the Egyptian and Roman times, people knew the importance of layering different scents in order to create a full aroma around themselves.  Unfortunately, that art has been mostly lost among men.  A lot of men either don’t know about it at all or don’t know how to do it properly.  Trust me, if you follow the tricks that I lay out in this article, you will get women to approach YOU and compliment YOU on the way you smell!

Woman smells man

First off, you need to create a base smell using the right body soap and shampoo.  NEVER use those girly smelling shampoos or soaps, or you’re going to smell like a garden of flowers (not sexy!).  No one wants to smell like their mother, so stay away from those girly scents.

To pick the right soap and shampoo combination, you need to keep in mind what kind of cologne you are going to use that night.  If your cologne is more spicy, then you need to use body wash and shampoo that have a more spicy smell.  If the cologne is more smooth and fruity, then you need to use the same concept on your body wash and shampoo.  For example, I will use Irish Spring Gear as a body wash and American Crew as shampoo, because they have a spicier smell and I usually use colognes that compliment them accordingly.

The cologne is the icing on the cake.  You need to pick cologne that you like, and in order to do so I would suggest asking for samples at the store (like Nordstrom) and trying the cologne out on yourself before you buy.  This is VERY important!  Why?  Because cologne will smell different ON you than it does in the bottle.  Since cologne is more expensive, I would suggest picking out the cologne you will use first (your signature scent) then you should use that smell theory to pick out the shampoo and body wash you will use around it.

It’s also important to make sure that the hair product that you use smells good as well.  For example, I also use LS&B hair product to style my hair because it also has a spicy smell.  I also like American Crew stuff at times as well.  If your hair product doesn’t really smell at all, then don’t worry about it.

You will start to see women come to YOU and compliment YOU on your scent if you do it right.  A compliment is an open door to a conversation, and much more!


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”