The Art of Isolation

Gentlemen, there is an art to this whole pickup game, which you will soon discover once you get more experience.  You paint a picture in the girl’s mind of what kind of man you are using your words.  I am NOT talking about lying, but rather showing her the funny confident guy that you REALLY are.  Using funny witty comebacks to put her back in her place, but also building her attraction to you.  You also use the art of Smooth Seduction to take her attraction to the next level.  But, there is one technique which is vital to you getting the results you desire; the Art of Isolation.

The isolation technique is one that is also used in nature.  For example, when a lion is hunting a herd of antelope, it will single out one and isolate it from the group in order to make the kill.  There is “safety” in numbers, so it’s important to separate the one you want from the group.  I’m not talking some “scientific” mumbo-jumbo about why we are genetically inclined to pick up females.  I’m saying that, just as in nature, it is important to separate your “target” from the rest of her friends in order to get that one on one time needed to have a successful pickup.


By isolating the girl you are interested in, you will be able to easily move into Smooth Seduction and even possibly a kiss close.  If ANYTHING, you will at least be able to get a number much easier!  When you isolate a girl, that means that you take her to a different section of the bar where you can be a bit more “alone.”  No need to be a creep or anything, it should all flow naturally.

The way you do so is actually very simple, and usually will involve you buying the girl a drink.  First; NEVER offer to buy the girl a drink when you first approach her.  That’s an amateur move.  I never buy girls drinks unless it looks very promising.  So when you are talking to the girl and the conversation is going very well, you should know that the girl is attracted to you if she is touching your arm, laughing excessively at your jokes, touching her hair more than normal, or getting really close to you to talk.

At that point you say something like, “you know what? I’m going to buy your next round.  I never buy girls drinks because it’s a waste of my time.  But you’re a good conversationalist, so I’m going to make an exception.  what do you want?”

You say this ONLY if she has just finished the drink she currently has.  After that you lead her to another part of the bar where you order her drink and give her a cheers.  That is where you move in for smooth seduction.  It really is super easy, gentlemen.  She most likely will not refuse because who would turn down a free drink?


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”