The Art of Dance

Many guys have the misconception that dancing is “girly.”  Quite the opposite!  A man who is good at dancing is seen as a guy who is fun, sexy, and who is good in bed.  Look at Channing Tatum; don’t forget that he became famous because of his dancing movies, and look how many girls think he’s hot!  I’ve actually never met a girl who didn’t think he was.  I’m going to share a revelation I had a few years ago at a dance club.

A friend and I had been dancing for a few years (mostly in regular clubs) and we were really good at it.  People would always give us compliments and we would openly have dance battles with random people.  It was a great time!  In fact, there were many times when I picked up girls JUST because I was a good dancer and they approached ME!  However, my la la land shattered the minute we decided to try something new.

A girl I knew was visiting town and invited me and my buddy out, along with her friends, to go swing dancing.  I thought it sounded fun, and I had never tried it, so I thought why not!  I thought that my club dancing abilities would translate into me being able to conquer ANY dance floor; boy was I wrong!

The second we stepped into the swing dance club, I knew I was completely out of my element.  It was so incredibly different than what I was used to.  So different in fact, that I wasn’t even able to fake my way through it!  All around me and my friend, people were dancing circles around us.  Old guys and nerds made us look like fools (literally).  The thing is, there were cute classy chicks at this place, and I couldn’t even approach them even if I wanted to!  I, Pierre VonAyre, was completely useless in the pickup game in that environment!

men and women dance

It wasn’t that I couldn’t talk to women, it was that I couldn’t walk the walk (or dance the dance, in this case).  Here’s the thing though, this is a whole arena of women that were left untapped by the Seduction Wolf community.  What pickup artist can go into a REAL dance club and actually pick up women?  I would be surprised if even ONE could do it.

Here is the trick; learn how to ballroom dance!  In these types of clubs, it is SUPER easy to approach and dance with women.  Why?  Because EVERY woman is there to dance!  NO ONE is standing against the walls (except my friend and I at the time).  You don’t even have to be super good; you just need to learn the basics.

Fast forward a few months, my buddy and I took some lessons and returned back to the same club.  This time was completely different.  We weren’t professionals by any means, but we were totally able to dance with many very attractive girls.  This gave us the opportunity to talk to them and make jokes while we were dancing.  At one point when my friend and I were resting, a girl that my buddy had danced with in the beginning of the night came over and basically forced him to dance with her again!  (She was hot too).  The Fields are ripe gentlemen; you just need to learn how to harvest it!  Stay hungry my friends.


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”