Success on Tinder

What is Tinder anyway?  Well for those of you who have been living under a rock, Tinder is one of the hottest new dating apps.  Another somewhat similar app is called Hinge.  Basically what happens on Tinder is you go through many “profiles” (which are really just some pictures and a small about me blurb), and you either say Yay or Nay.  If the other person also says Yay to you, then you get “matched” and the app allows you to message each other.  It is completely anonymous so you don’t know who actually has said Yay to you and vice versa. Continue reading

Location, Location, Location!

A deciding factor of your success, sometimes even more so than your game, is the venue that you choose to hang out in.  All bars are not created equal.  You need to try to get a feel for the place and ditch it quickly if it isn’t up to your standards.  Some bars have a lot of dudes and sketchy people (see article on drinks guys).  Others aren’t popping off most of the time, boring!  And some, even though they are packed with girls, have a general snobby attitude that flows through the crowd which completely ruins your game. Continue reading

Kicking Back Grampa’s Old Cough Medicine: A Game Blunder

You’re out with your boys and the night is young.  You start sipping on a couple beers to get in the mood.  Once you get to the right level of intoxication, you feel like you can conquer the world.  You instantly feel the ability to dance your butt off or approach the hottest girl without thinking twice.  It’s like liquid balls.  However, many guys don’t realize that even getting too buzzed (let alone drunk) can completely wreck their game.  That’s why rule numero uno for a successful club night is, a true Wolf doesn’t get drunk. Continue reading

There Are No Rules for Pickups

Nicholas here. I like to crash the whole pickup scene once in a while, you know shake it up; cause I can. I’ve tried every style that you can imagine to pickup chicks ranging from the goth look to the international playboy. What I’ve noticed is that the international playboy look ALWAYS beats any other look. The reason is because women are geared mentally toward a man who gives the vibe of success. Continue reading