Sun’s Out, Guns Out

It’s finally here ladies and gentlemen!  Summer; beaches, babes, and bikinis.  The perfect time to enjoy the eye candy pretty much everywhere you go.  This also means that it’s time to update your summer wardrobe.  You can’t go out wearing your old crappy summer clothing, or else you’ll look like a goon.  That’s why I’m going to lay out some fundamental summer style tips to help get you started! Continue reading

Style Addition of the Week: All Business, No Play

As I study the change in style trends going on, I am noticing that the “professional” style is really becoming popular.  It’s trendy to go out in a tucked-in button down with a tie and a nice pair of wing tip shoes.  That’s ballin.  It’s starting to be cool to rock the business look, like you just came out of a meeting.  Of course other guys won’t really think so, but who honestly cares what guys think? Continue reading

Out with the Old, In with the New

This is it, a whole new year for you to take control of your life and try to become your best self.  Obviously, one way to do that is to improve your romantic life (which is the only reason you would be on our site in the first place).  It’s a new chance to put all of the past mistakes behind you in the old year, and start off with a clean slate.  This should be your mindset going into 2014.  One thing that should be left back in 2013 where it belongs is the “player shirt.” Continue reading