Becoming Your Best Self

Most of our articles are centered around style, your game in the field, or other advice topics in order to help your success with women.  However, you will never succeed in the long run unless you become your Best Self.  In other words, unless you become a better version of yourself, you will never move past the stage where you’re at currently.  You may get a girl’s number here and there, but it will never amount to anything.  You will remain in the stone age, while the rest of us reach the stars. Continue reading

The Grass is Always Greener

We’ve all heard the old saying that the grass is always greener on the other side.  I’m sure many of us have had experiences to prove the saying true.  I personally have experienced it in many parts of my life.  More specifically, it also relates to the bar/club scene as well.  Keeping that saying in mind when you go out on a weekend can really save you a lot of time, and can even get you better results. Continue reading

Real Conversations with Women, Nicholas vs. Beach Towel

So Nicholas has to go buy a beach towel. Don’t ask why. He just does. So he walks into your local Macy’s and has two options: 1) Nicholas can go around and actually look for a beach towel (who does that?) or 2) Nicholas can pick up a beautiful woman in the process. Nicholas chooses option 2. Continue reading