Don’t Be Cheap: The Responsible Way

We all know the importance of monetary responsibility.  But do you know the effects of being cheap?  I mean, do you REALLY know?  Did you know, the extent to which you are willing to spend money can enhance or hamper your ability to get women?  It can, and with a great degree of certainty at that.  Trust me I’m a business man at heart, always have been.  I am no stranger to the desire to save money and find good deals.  In fact, I still think it’s best to find the best deal you can with any purchase decision.  So when I say don’t be cheap, I’m not telling you to go out and buy $300 shirts. Continue reading

What is the Peacocking Theory?

rockstar statusSo you want to approach and pick up beautiful women? What does it take to accomplish such a hard task? It’s actually not hard at all. The key to attracting women is to stand out, and when I say stand out I don’t mean to scream like Tarzan in the middle of the room looking like a complete and utter moron. You got to stand out via your style. Yes, your style. You don’t have a style? Well then we gotta help you get one! I will tell you right now those men who are unwilling to change will get absolutely no where. Continue reading