Online Dating Step 2: The Presentation

If there is one factor that leads to success in all areas of life, it is the way you present yourself to others.  Being successful in on the online dating game also hinges on how you present yourself.  I’m not saying that you should be false in any way; by all means, be yourself!  However, there are TONS of guys out there online with relatively similar profiles.  Eventually everyone starts to look the same.  It’s a lot like the job market, there are lots of candidates so how do you make yourself stand out from the rest? Continue reading

Online Dating Step 1: Getting Started

Online dating; the final frontier.  A totally different part of the “dating world,” completely different than the night or day scene.  It is a place where you can meet more women in the span of an hour than you ever could in the field.  A place where it’s extremely easy to find many women which could be dating potential, but hard to actually get the one you want to talk to you.  Women get even more men messaging them online than they get approached in the field.  In a bar, a beautiful woman is surrounded by her friends who shield her from many approaches.  Also, guys are more timid to approach a woman in person.  However, online is a totally different story.

Online dating Continue reading