Beware of Samantha Syndrome

This article is a follow up of sorts to the one that I wrote last week on how to be successful with dating apps, like Tinder and Hinge.  There is a very rare, but powerful phenomena that may or may not happen to some of you.  I call it Samantha Syndrome.  It happened to me once in high school, then happened again when I was in college.  It also happened to a friend of mine.  Like I said, it is very rare but could happen to you.  I’m writing this to warn any of you who are thinking of using dating apps or websites, so that you can see the signals. Continue reading

Online Dating Part 4: Searching Profiles and Messaging Girls

So far we have gone through the basics of creating your profile, picking the right pictures, etc.  Obviously, then you need to start your search.  Searching out the right girl is fairly easy, but actually picking the right ones to message is a little trickier.  Also, even more tricky is crafting the right message.  I can’t say with certainty that there is a DEFINITE message that will get every girl to answer you back right away, but you can get better results when you say the right things (just as if you were in the field).

As far as searching out the right girls, that’s only half the battle.  The good thing about online dating is that you can get an idea about how a girl is like even before you message her based on her profile and pictures.  You really want to use the search filters to your advantage in order to get a little more specific about what you want.  What you really need to do is figure out what you want in a woman and start searching for her. Continue reading

Online Dating Part 3: The Profile

Last time I talked about how to pick the right pictures for your profile (which is obviously a very important step).  Even more important however, is the content of your actual profile.  If you have an awesome profile, you’ll find your response rate to be much better, and girls will actually message you as well!  On the other hand, if your profile sucks then I can guarantee you will spend the weekend on your couch by yourself with a movie and a pizza.girl online dating

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Online Dating Step 2: The Presentation

If there is one factor that leads to success in all areas of life, it is the way you present yourself to others.  Being successful in on the online dating game also hinges on how you present yourself.  I’m not saying that you should be false in any way; by all means, be yourself!  However, there are TONS of guys out there online with relatively similar profiles.  Eventually everyone starts to look the same.  It’s a lot like the job market, there are lots of candidates so how do you make yourself stand out from the rest? Continue reading

Online Dating Step 1: Getting Started

Online dating; the final frontier.  A totally different part of the “dating world,” completely different than the night or day scene.  It is a place where you can meet more women in the span of an hour than you ever could in the field.  A place where it’s extremely easy to find many women which could be dating potential, but hard to actually get the one you want to talk to you.  Women get even more men messaging them online than they get approached in the field.  In a bar, a beautiful woman is surrounded by her friends who shield her from many approaches.  Also, guys are more timid to approach a woman in person.  However, online is a totally different story.

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