Systems Can Kill

March Madness is upon us folks!  I’m sure a lot of you out there will start getting into the action, and have already filled out your brackets.  I’ve passed in my Billion Dollar bracket for Warren Buffet…just waiting on that billion dollars now.  As you watch the games, think about something which I am going to make a point about.  Watch how natural the players look as they play the game they love.  They move around the court with grace, speed, and agility.  Continue reading

There Are No Rules for Pickups

Nicholas here. I like to crash the whole pickup scene once in a while, you know shake it up; cause I can. I’ve tried every style that you can imagine to pickup chicks ranging from the goth look to the international playboy. What I’ve noticed is that the international playboy look ALWAYS beats any other look. The reason is because women are geared mentally toward a man who gives the vibe of success. Continue reading