Fertile Practice Grounds

No one denies the importance of having spot on game.  In fact, your game is way more important that your looks.  Of course you should have great style and try to look as good as you can, but that means nothing if you don’t have any game.  But how do you ensure that you have spot on game?  Practice, practice, practice.  The real question is; where is the best place to practice? Continue reading

Field Tactics: Maneuvering a Group

Everyone knows, or at least should know, that in order to be successful in the field you need to have the right strategy.  The way you dress and carry yourself, the things you say, and even the angle at which you approach a woman can determine your success or failure.  There are also different scenarios that play out in the field which you need to be prepared for.  Luckily enough, the same scenarios happen over and over again in all clubs and bars.  The only thing that changes from bar to bar is the atmosphere.  Once you go regularly, you will be able to see what I’m talking about.

chess strategy

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The Walking Dead

We have all seen them before, and unfortunately every club and bar in the world has them.  They stalk women throughout the club, sometimes working in teams to surround unsuspecting girls.  They spend all of their money on drinks only to end up with zero numbers at the end of the night.  They walk around and successfully cockblock any attempt that you could make at attracting a woman.  They are the horde of zombies sucking all life away from the night life scene.  We here at Seduction Wolf like to call them “Drinks Guys.” Continue reading

Location, Location, Location!

A deciding factor of your success, sometimes even more so than your game, is the venue that you choose to hang out in.  All bars are not created equal.  You need to try to get a feel for the place and ditch it quickly if it isn’t up to your standards.  Some bars have a lot of dudes and sketchy people (see article on drinks guys).  Others aren’t popping off most of the time, boring!  And some, even though they are packed with girls, have a general snobby attitude that flows through the crowd which completely ruins your game. Continue reading

The Game is Won or Lost in your Mind

You always seem to hear that line from high school coaches or in motivational sports movies.  It is perhaps a bit cliché, but we here at Seduction Wolf can’t deny the truth behind it.  It all starts with your mindset going into the field.  If you’re depressed and have a bad attitude, it’s going to show.  If you are mentally confident and feel on top of the world, then you’re going to have a good night.  A perfect example can be seen by examining the actions of my friend Jake.

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The Most Interesting Man in the World

I’m sure we have all see the Dos Equis commercials featuring the most interesting man in the world.  A suave older gentleman, aged like a fine wine, with a white beard and funny sayings.  He is the epitome of manliness.  Not in the sense that you should be fake or have strange stories.  But in his attitude where he knows his strong points and always has something interesting to say because of his knowledge.  He has a cool collected confidence about him.  You must become the most interesting man in the world. Continue reading

Becoming Your Best Self

Most of our articles are centered around style, your game in the field, or other advice topics in order to help your success with women.  However, you will never succeed in the long run unless you become your Best Self.  In other words, unless you become a better version of yourself, you will never move past the stage where you’re at currently.  You may get a girl’s number here and there, but it will never amount to anything.  You will remain in the stone age, while the rest of us reach the stars. Continue reading