Don’t Fear the Friend Zone

There’s a big FEAR that all men have when interacting with pretty much any attractive woman; that is getting put in the friend zone.  All guys are taught to try to “get with her” or else you will be put in this imaginary zone.  I’m here to dispel the myth about the negative side of being in the friend zone.  What I’m about to reveal about the subject may surprise you, but if you put it into practice you will notice a huge change over time; both in how you deal with women and how women react to you. Continue reading

Rules of the Wolf Pack

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a wolf pack is a group of people or things that operate as a hunting and attacking pack.  For the purposes of this post, we are going to use the word to describe the friends you surround yourself with when you go out on weekends.  A well selected group of friends will be as effective as a highly trained army in the field of battle. Continue reading

Attraction or Just Being Friendly? That is the Question.

This very question used to be a problem for me and most other guys that I know.  I suspect that many of you out there are also struggling with the same issue as well; that being the issue of distinguishing whether a girl is actually attracted to you or just being friendly.  Fortunately, there are a few telltale signs that will show if she is truly attracted to you.  Sometimes women will be obvious in letting you know that they are attracted to you, but sometimes the signs will be very subtle.  Either way, by being able to read her and her body language, you will be more successful. Continue reading