Fertile Practice Grounds

No one denies the importance of having spot on game.  In fact, your game is way more important that your looks.  Of course you should have great style and try to look as good as you can, but that means nothing if you don’t have any game.  But how do you ensure that you have spot on game?  Practice, practice, practice.  The real question is; where is the best place to practice? Continue reading

Should I Pickup a Woman on the Street? Part 1

I think a better question would be, should I pick up a winning lottery ticket that is on the ground in a barn in the middle of nowhere? Yes! What do you mean should you pickup a woman on the street? You could pickup beautiful women anywhere and everywhere. There is not a place which will limit or hinder your ability to pick up a woman. Now the keyword is “ability”. Most men do not have the ability to carry a conversation with a woman so they chicken out when it comes to the pickup. And if a beautiful woman was to walk pass them on the street, well then forget about it! Continue reading