A Comprehensive Guide to Talking to College Girls

Most of what I have to say in this post involves what NOT to talk about with college girls.  Therefore, this post is targeted to all of you college guys out there.  Any 35 year olds reading this, get a life.

Though I am no longer in college, I do remember some of the tactics I tried in order to pick up college girls, which has helped me to learn what to talk about and what not to talk about.  First things first, I’m sure you will go out and see girls at parties, or elsewhere on campus, who you have classes with.  Do NOT approach those girls and talk about the class you are in with them.  In fact, avoid the topic of “class” all together.  That goes for any girl you are talking to.  Don’t talk about class, teachers, or homework.  This is especially important if you are at a party. Continue reading