If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say

Then don’t say anything at all.  Hasn’t your mother ever told you that before?  If not, then hear me now.  It’s easy to be that guy who gets laughs by making fun of other people around him, especially those drunk idiots doing dumb things around you.  But what happens when you’re talking to a girl, you see someone being weird and make fun of them, then that person turns out to be related to the person you’re talking to?  Spoiler alert: you’re out. Continue reading

Make the Whole Bar Your Domain

Let’s face it, a lot of guys (and girls) try to go out to the bars or clubs to meet people.  However, the vast majority of guys who go out just end up standing in the corner or at the bar with their friends.  They get no special treatment over anyone else, and end up going home alone at the end of the night.  Not so with the guys here at Seduction Wolf.  When we go out, we take over the club.  We have the bartenders giving us priority treatment, and we have the bouncers treating us like star guests.  Sometimes even the managers invite us to the club personally.  It’s not like we’re any more special than any other guy there, we just know how to work the bar scene to our favor.

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