First Date Dilemma

Fact: the first date can make or totally destroy your chances with any girl.  The first date is really where you can shine and show the girl what kind of man you are (personality wise anyways).  Many guys make the mistake of picking the wrong venue for the first date, and even going overboard showing too much interest too soon.  I can give you sound advice on what steps to take on the first date in order to increase your chances of seeing this girl again. Continue reading

Work Out to Pick Up

A strange event occurred recently which Nicholas and I had never witnessed before.  Though at the time we saw it as unfortunate, we now see that it taught us a valuable lesson.  What happened was we went out one night with a guy, I’ll call him George, who also happens to be a model.  Now, we had never been out with a model before.  I should mention that he isn’t overly good looking, he’s more normal looking than anything.  I’m confident enough with my sexuality that I can admit when a guy is good looking or not.  I honestly wouldn’t say he is any better looking than Nicholas or myself.  The only difference is that he has a RAGING 8 pack.  If you could fit any more “packs” into an 8 pack, he did it.  There were packs on top of his packs. Continue reading

Attraction or Just Being Friendly? That is the Question.

This very question used to be a problem for me and most other guys that I know.  I suspect that many of you out there are also struggling with the same issue as well; that being the issue of distinguishing whether a girl is actually attracted to you or just being friendly.  Fortunately, there are a few telltale signs that will show if she is truly attracted to you.  Sometimes women will be obvious in letting you know that they are attracted to you, but sometimes the signs will be very subtle.  Either way, by being able to read her and her body language, you will be more successful. Continue reading

Why Canned Lines get you Nowhere

There are a lot of guys out there trying to suggest that using canned lines when approaching women initially is the best way to go about doing it.  While I see the point they’re making, and even somewhat agree with the practice, I think in the long run it isn’t really a beneficial thing to do.  I mean I guess from the point of view of someone who is really shy, canned lines would be useful in stimulating conversation, but there are definitely better ways of doing so.  I’ve tried it myself in the field and I learned some things in the process.

cans Continue reading