Sun’s Out, Guns Out

It’s finally here ladies and gentlemen!  Summer; beaches, babes, and bikinis.  The perfect time to enjoy the eye candy pretty much everywhere you go.  This also means that it’s time to update your summer wardrobe.  You can’t go out wearing your old crappy summer clothing, or else you’ll look like a goon.  That’s why I’m going to lay out some fundamental summer style tips to help get you started!

The key to a good summer wardrobe is COLOR.  In the winter you can get away with wearing black, grey, dark red, etc.  However, in the summer you need to look more bright and vibrant.  That means you shouldn’t be caught dead wearing any of those winter colors.  I suggest wearing blue, lighter red, purple, and even some green.  If you want to wear a dark color, go with navy blue.

summer style

Let’s start with bottoms.  You should mostly stay away from wearing long pants (obviously) because it’s hot.  For shorts, you should go with colored shorts.  I suggest getting a pair of navy blue shorts, grey shorts, white shorts, khaki shorts, and maybe a pair of red.  That is because those colors can go with pretty much every top you could think of.  The trick is to match the color of your top with the OPPOSING colored pair of shorts.  For example, if you wear a navy blue top you want to wear your white shorts.  If you wear a light blue top, you want to wear your navy shorts.  As for swim trunks, make sure that you go a cool pair of Hurley swim shorts or Billabong.  Strangely enough, swim trunks are becoming more and more of a fashion item than they used to be, so make sure you have those on point too for when you visit the beach.

summer style 3

As for shirts, you should be wearing mostly button down shirts without any undershirt.  Make sure to leave the first two buttons unbuttoned.  Try also playing around with button down shirts that have patters on them (which are very “in” right now).  For example, one button down that I have is navy blue with white polka dots on it.  It works very well with a pair of grey shorts that I have.  You can also wear t-shirts for more casual environments, but make sure that they are colored t-shirts.  Try brands like Hurley, Volcom, and RVCA.

Next, focus on the shoes you wear.  You should be wearing boat shoes, or a pair of white low top Jack Purcell Converse shoes.  You should get shoes that can go with pretty much any outfit.  That means either brown shoes or white shoes.  You can feel free to wear different colored shoes, but make sure they go with your outfit.

summer style 2

Last but not least, make sure that all of your accessories are on point as well.  Get a cool belt (which matches the color of your shoes), as well as a tight pair of shades, a nice watch, and bracelets.  Make sure that you get the opinion of different women that work in the stores where you shop as to what is the latest fashion item right now.  Also, you should start looking at different apparel company websites to see the styles that are trending now.  Always make sure that your style goes with your personality and that it all flows in terms of the colors you wear.


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”