Success on Tinder

What is Tinder anyway?  Well for those of you who have been living under a rock, Tinder is one of the hottest new dating apps.  Another somewhat similar app is called Hinge.  Basically what happens on Tinder is you go through many “profiles” (which are really just some pictures and a small about me blurb), and you either say Yay or Nay.  If the other person also says Yay to you, then you get “matched” and the app allows you to message each other.  It is completely anonymous so you don’t know who actually has said Yay to you and vice versa.

I decided to try out the app extensively myself to see what kind of results I got, so that I could share with you some keys to being successful using the app yourself.

First, when you’re using Tinder, make sure that you get some good pictures of yourself.  They should be your BEST pictures.  Ones where you are having fun and looking good.  Not ones where you look fake, like you’re trying to be cool.  Also, I would strongly suggest you include a pic of yourself holding a dog and smiling.  Girls are suckers for dog pics.  If you don’t have a dog, take one with a friend’s dog or something.  Either way, not a big deal if you don’t have a dog pic, it just adds a little more to your profile.


Make sure that you don’t get too stuck on one girl in particular.  There are MANY women on Tinder, so just keep cycling through them.  Don’t say Yay to one and expect her to also choose you.  In fact, just assume that they won’t choose you and move on.  You see, this app is also a numbers game and you need to say Yay to many girls before you start to notice them choosing you as well.

If you get hung up on one chick and keep hoping that she will choose you, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and depression.  Keep moving on!

When you finally do get chosen, it’s time for the first message.  Try to make it as if it was an approach on the bar or on the street.  Make a funny/witty comment on something they are wearing or that they say in their profile.

For example: I saw a girl with a picture where she was pretending to kiss a giraffe and in another picture she was kissing a sign of Leonardo DeCaprio.

My message to her: So what I can tell about you so far is that you enjoy kissing Leonardo DeCaprio and Giraffes.  Do giraffes smell weird?

Simple, yet witty.  She responded and we actually had a full on conversation after that.  The most simple messages usually are the best.  Make sure that you never say something simple like “Hi” or something creepy.  When you make a comment, don’t say that she’s hot or sexy.

You’re conversation after the initial message should flow nicely.  You should make an effort to crack more jokes and get to know her.  You need to build a comfort level before you actually ask her to hang out.

Eventually you are going to want to ask her to hang out by saying, “Well I’m 99% sure that you aren’t a 50 year old fat bald guy on here trying to trick me.  We should hang out sometime.”  She will laugh and say yes if you’ve done everything right.  Invite her out for coffee or a drink.  The rest is up to you!


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”