Style Addition of the Week: The Right Shades

There’s just something about a cool pair of shades that adds a new level of badassness to any guy.  Sometimes it’s like an instant transformation; a dude with a friendly pair of eyes suddenly turns into that dashing mysterious guy the second he throws on a pair of aviators.  But choosing the right pair of shades that will correctly accentuate your face is a bit trickier that just pulling a pair off of the rack and throwing them on.

The trick to picking the right shades is investing some time into figuring out which will go with the SHAPE of your head.  Color doesn’t matter as much as the shape of the shades.  For example, I have had multiple friends try on a pair of your typical Wayfarer –style shades, only to find out that they didn’t look good in them later on because of the shape of their head.

ray bans

I personally have a defined jaw line, with a more rectangular face.  I usually find that I look really good in either a more “squared” pair of aviators, and also in wayfarers (Ray Bans all the way!).  But, there are also other styles of aviators; round ones, big ones, etc.  There are also the sportier looking sunglasses, like the traditional Oakley’s for example.


You also want to make sure that you get a standard color that you will be able to wear with almost anything.  That is unless of course you have cash to burn and you want to buy a few pairs to go with different outfits.  I would either go with gunmetal grey or black.  Even white doesn’t really go with everything.  Lately I’ve been rocking a sweet pair of Ray Bans, and I find that they go with almost everything that I wear; from casual to business.

As usual, when trying on sunglasses I would recommend going into one of those sunglass stores in the mall, but only when a female is working there.  Always good to get a female opinion!  Also a good chance to practice your conversation skills ;)


Pierre VonArye aka “The Professor”