Style Addition of the Week: the Right Cologne

This may be a shorter post than normal, but no less important than any other.  It is of the upmost importance that you choose the right cologne.  Basically, the right smell can make or break your game.

I would like to first suggest one of my favorites, Burberry Touch.  The way I could describe this one is that it’s “urban fresh.”  Every time I wear it, I get compliments on it.  Plus I love the way it smells personally!  This addition could single handedly improve your results.

Burberry Touch

The next cologne I would describe as Sweet N Spicy.  It has a hint of both in the smell, mixed with a smooth vanilla scent.  This cologne makes you feel like the man, plus the packaging is pretty cool.  Check it out and see how it smells on you.  This is the Paco Robanne One Million.

Paco Robanne

I should make a note about how to actually wear your cologne.  Never spray it on your clothes, it ruins them and the smell isn’t as strong.  You should always spray one spray on your hand then rub it on your neck and behind your ears.  Also, every man has his own particular natural smell.  That means that a cologne that smells good on someone else, may not smell good on you.  It’s important to go to the store and spray the sample on yourself first then walk around with it for a bit to see how you like the smell on yourself.


Pierre VonAyre