Style Addition of the Week: The Chukka Boot

You’ve probably seen them around; that is if you actually look at what shoes people are wearing.  I recently took a vacation to England, and spent an extensive amount of time in London.  One thing I noticed that people were wearing a lot there were chukka boots.  Not only were they wearing them, but they were looking fabulous in the process. Apparently they’re all the rage over there at the moment.  Of course, London is usually ahead of us in the fashion world.  That’s why this week’s suggested style addition is the Chukka boot.
Chukka boot example

I personally like these a lot, and think they can go with a variety of different styles.  They can go with many colors of jeans or khakis.  Plus, you get that European well-dressed look.  What else could you want from a pair of boots?  Even celebrities like Labron James wears chukka boots, he knows what’s up.

Lebron Chukka

Here’s the thing about chukka boots though, you need to pay attention to the color schemes in relation to the outfits that you plan to wear them with.  The boots come in many different colors (trust me there are lots).  You can even choose between smooth leather and suede.  I wouldn’t go too funky on the colors unless you have something to wear them with.

Since I’m a guy that likes to save money, I also like to buy clothing items that I can use in different combinations with other clothing items.  For example, if I’m buying a t-shirt I want to make sure I can wear it with more than one pair of jeans that I own.  In saying that, I would suggest that you buy a pair of chukka boots that you can wear with almost anything.  In order to do that, go with brown or tan color.  I would personally go for brown or light brown suede.  There’s something about suede shoes that make a man look fly.  I say that especially because most people in England were wearing the suede chukkas, and it was awesome.

Here’s another example of the kind of style you could put together with a pair of nice tan chukkas.  Doesn’t that look fresh and fly?  Hell yeah!

chukka boots man


Pierre VonAyre