Style Addition of the Week: Boxers, Briefs, and Socks

There are a bunch of obvious style choices out there to get you noticed and to increase your overall style.  Shirts, jeans, jackets, etc. all work together to either make you look awesome, or turn you into a Plain Bill.  No one like a Plain Bill (man version of a plain Jane).  Two style choices that aren’t mentioned very often however, are your underwear and sock choices.

There was a time where I never would have guessed that a man’s socks and underwear also should look good.  In fact, I usually just bought both items in packs at Target or Wal-Mart.  What’s the point of spending a lot of money on something that people don’t see?  Well there is a point.  If you are going to hook up with any woman, she is going to see your underwear and socks!

She might not care the first couple times, but eventually she’s going to think that you’re kind of plain in a way.  Think about it; women make an effort to buy cute pairs of panties and bras.  They kind of expect similar efforts from you.  Not that you should go and buy a $20 pair of underwear.  But more so that you wear something that isn’t just plain boring black or grey.

You definitely want to go with boxer briefs because no one likes tighty whities and also normal boxers are for high schoolers (seriously).  Men wear boxer briefs.  You can get good looking boxer briefs at H&M for fairly cheap actually.  Also, target sells pairs that have certain patterns on them as well.  Get something that just looks straight up manly; like Mr. David Beckham here.  He’s wearing H&M stuff.

Beckham underwear

As far as socks go, that’s pretty simple.  Get patterned socks and stay away from white socks.  Go with various colors or even black before you turn to white socks.  Argyle socks are really fashionable right now, so you could check those out.

argyle socks

I need to mention one thing that I didn’t find out until later.  Girls are not as visual as men (in fact much less so).  They get turned on visually, but definitely not to the degree as you or I.  That being said, a girl will usually not be turned on just by looking at you in your boxers.  You aren’t going to turn her on just by standing there looking pretty.  So don’t try to model off your new boxers as if you’re turning her on.  It’s more the whole thought and style behind it than anything else.  It just shows that you’re not a plain guy.


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”