Style Addition of the Week: All Business, No Play

As I study the change in style trends going on, I am noticing that the “professional” style is really becoming popular.  It’s trendy to go out in a tucked-in button down with a tie and a nice pair of wing tip shoes.  That’s ballin.  It’s starting to be cool to rock the business look, like you just came out of a meeting.  Of course other guys won’t really think so, but who honestly cares what guys think?

You see, there are still plenty of guys who either go out wearing normal t-shirts and a baseball cap, or they wear a un-tucked button down with the top three buttons unbuttoned.  Little do they know that girls aren’t really attracted to guys wearing that gear (at least not anymore).  Why?  Because those guys don’t exactly look successful.  They don’t look like they have their ish together.


Trust me, I used to rock an unbuttoned button down back in the day (before I learned better).  Like I always say; the field never lies.  It doesn’t matter what I think, what you think, or what your buddies think.  Your results in the field are the only thing that matters.  I kid you not, the businessman look gets you noticed a heck of a lot more than any other kind of style. Not only that, it makes you more approachable.  Girls will actually approach YOU and compliment YOU!

I should make a note, however, that it is not always bad to rock the unbuttoned button down look.  It is only appropriate to do so in the right environment.  The right environment for that look is when you are in a more tropical location; like at a club near the beach in Miami.  But in a classy bar in NYC, you can forget it.


Don’t believe me?  We here at Seduction Wolf are not afraid to try any style; earrings, hair styles, clothing, you name it we’ve tried it.  I also used to be a personal shopper and stylist at an apparel store.  I’ve experienced and have seen the best results when myself (or any of my friends) are rocking the business man classy style.  Other styles may make you look hot, but this style also makes you look like a guy that girls aren’t afraid to talk to.  What good is it if you look hot but girls are intimidated to talk to you because you look like you may be a jerk/creep/asshole?  The whole trick is to make yourself look hot AND approachable.


What you need for this style is a nice button down, matching tie or bow tie, khaki pants, brown wingtip shoes, and a sport blazer (grey or navy blue).  All of these items can be found at stores like J. Crew or Banana Republic.  If you are trying to buy nice on the cheap, check out Marshalls.


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”