Stealthy Ninja Tactic to Find if She has a Boyfriend

Most men waste time talking to women not knowing if she has a boyfriend. Often times, we’ve all heard, the conversation will go something like this, “Oh you seem like a cool girl, can I have your number?” (I cringe at this way of asking a girl for her number), she replies, “Sorry but I have a boyfriend.” How many times have you personally heard this happen to either you or someone else? Unless you have been sleeping with dungeon trolls, you’ve seen or heard this.

Now my question is this: “Why are you asking if you can have her number WITHOUT knowing anything about whether she has a boyfriend first?” Remember gentlemen knowledge is power. Without knowing such details, you are setting yourself up for failure. What if she DOES give you her number and then you find at a later date that she DOES have a boyfriend? Now you have to deal with an insecure guy who wants to kick your butt because you’ve been calling and texting his girl.

give me your number

One thing I’ve learned from working in sales is that you always try to find as much information as possible within the short period of time that you are engaged in a conversation. In sales, you have literally 30 seconds to 1 minute if you are lucky to find as much information as possible before the person either hangs up or says that he or she is busy and must go. So when you are speaking to the woman, you need to find as soon as possible if she has a boyfriend. Most men mess this part up because they do not know what to say. Thankfully for you, I am an expert and know what to say exactly and when to say it.

I would only say what I’m going to tell you AFTER I’ve spoke to her for 2-3 minutes about something casual with a minor level of flirting. Let’s say that I am shopping for a cologne and I ask her what scent is the most masculine. I tell her that I am looking for a woody and smoky cedar smell scent. Now she may either come out and say, “My boyfriend really likes this one,” which makes it super easy for you. Or after she starts to recommend a few colognes, you say, “Which one do you buy for your boyfriend?” Now she will either answer you and say, “I usually buy him this or he usually buys it himself,” or my favorite “I don’t have a boyfriend.” She may even not answer but say something like, “Usually my guy friends like this one.”

flirts but has boyfriend

Sometimes after when I say, “What do you purchase for your boyfriend,” she may not answer me directly. She may say something like “My guy friends like this one”, I would then follow up with, “Oh really? Yeah that smells good / bad, which one do you personally prefer on a guy?” She replies, then I say, “So do you get discounts here or lots of commissions?” She answers, then I say, “So you must have a really happy boyfriend because you bring home the bacon.” Now since this is the second time I’ve mentioned it, she will usually answer to whether she has a boyfriend or not.

If I have to mention it a third time, I will ask directly. I’ll say, “So what’s the deal, you single or what? The reason I ask is because you seem like you are either single or about to really dump your boyfriend in the near future and have not decided when to do it yet.” Personally if it gets to this point, the girl is either not interested in me or she really does have a boyfriend and they are on rocky terms, so she does not want to speak of it. Either way, usually 1 out of 10 times it will come to this point. Most girls will mention their boyfriends through your regular flirty conversation OR it will come out when I indirectly assume that they have one.

Now you have the stealthy ninja tactic to find if she has a boyfriend. No longer will you have to ponder or ask stupid questions, such as for her number before having all the required information upfront.