Spring has Sprung

It’s finally here!  The time of year when the ladies start trading in bulky jackets and sweaters for shorter skimpier clothing.  Every man’s favorite time of year, especially for those of you who live in the colder states (such as myself).  You guys in the warmer states don’t know what it’s like to trade in your tan for a nice Winter White.

So now that it’s warmer, you obviously have to trade in your winter style for a brighter Spring/Summer style.  In the Winter you can get away with wearing darker clothing, but if you do so now you will start to stand out like a sore thumb.

Your colors now should switch to lighter “happier” colors like; blues, reds, greens, yellows, etc.  Something that is very “in” right now is to wear those faded washed colors.  Also, you should try wearing colored pants/shorts and match them with a colored or white top.  For example, a blue shirt with green shorts go well together.  Try to mix and match to get colors that look good together.

guy summer

For shirts, you should be looking at light button downs or polos.  Always remember to make sure that your belt matches your shoes.

Another item that you should focus on is what shoes you are going to wear.  You can no longer wear boots or many types of sneakers.  Instead, look for brown leather boat shoes (like Sperry’s) or get some nice white low top sneakers like Converse Jack Purcell’s.

boat shoes

What I always tell guys is that they need to start looking at different stores and in magazines to see what the seasonal style choices are.  You don’t necessarily have to buy from a particular place, but you need to have  an idea of what you’re going to wear.

men spring style

Try checking out stores like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, J. Crew, Club Monaco, Banana Republic, Express, and Buckle.  Create a style unique to yourself, but one that also makes you stand out (in a good way).


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”