Should I Pickup a Woman on the Street? Part 1

I think a better question would be, should I pick up a winning lottery ticket that is on the ground in a barn in the middle of nowhere? Yes! What do you mean should you pickup a woman on the street? You could pickup beautiful women anywhere and everywhere. There is not a place which will limit or hinder your ability to pick up a woman. Now the keyword is “ability”. Most men do not have the ability to carry a conversation with a woman so they chicken out when it comes to the pickup. And if a beautiful woman was to walk pass them on the street, well then forget about it! The important key point when it comes to picking up women is the timing of it. For example, if the woman on the street is about to enter into a Taxi, then that’s not a good point of entry. Unless you were going to be daring and wanted to get in the same cab to go a few blocks as you tried to talk to her in the taxi, warm up her comfort, get her number, and be out by the next few blocks. If she is attractive enough, I may do that. But then again I can pick them up whenever and wherever, it just takes balls.

nyc street pickup

Nicholas balls, smooth as eggs, at your service. Most men do not have the balls that it takes to go the extra step needed sometimes to attract that woman. However, do not confuse balls with stupidity, desperateness, or the force factor. The force factor is when you go out of your way and it is obvious that you are trying to get her attention. That is an epic fail and deserves a backhand slap to the face. Now let’s start with a few examples because I know many like those.

Let’s say there is a woman walking into a movie store to get a movie, duh! So you walk in after her and pretend like you are also getting a movie. Now there is two things that will happen. You will either linger too much around her and make her uncomfortable, so you strike out, or you will walk right next to her within the first minute and say, “Hey, what movie are you trying to rent? A romantic or adventure?” She will say for the sake of this example, “Adventure lol, I’m not a romantic person.” This is how it goes:

Beauty: “Adventure lol, I’m not a romantic person.”

Nicholas: “Really? I thought many women like to read romantic novels. It is actually the fastest selling genre.”

Beauty: “Yeah that may hold true for books but not movies lol”

Nicholas: “So it must be rumors I tell you, rumors! So what’s the occasion? Is it a lonely movie night or your boyfriend wants you to get the movie while he sits on the couch and watches TV night?”

Beauty laughs, “Oh no, I do not have a boyfriend. I just like to watch movies late night because I work a lot and do not have much time on the weekends. Especially because I do not go out, I tend to stay home and watch movies. I know do not judge me, I’m a lame girl!”

Okay let’s stop here.

Do you see the 3 tests that she has thrown at me? No? Of course not, you are as blind as a mule.

Test 1: I do not have a boyfriend. She wants to see how you react to this.

Test 2: I do not go out, I stay home and watch movies. Where do you go from this? (This is a conversation entry)

Test 3: Do not judge me, I’m a lame girl! How will you react to this?

This is going to be part 1, make sure to read part 2.