Shake what Your Momma Gave You

There is one article of clothing that a lot of men know nothing about, and which they think doesn’t really matter much.  They tend to focus too much on the other articles they are wearing and almost completely neglect that one important piece.  What I’m talking about is a good stylish pair of jeans.  Jeans are like the drums or bass guitar in a band; two instruments which receive the least amount of focus (when compared to the electric guitar), but which form the foundation for the whole band.  Without the drums or bass, the sound of the music wouldn’t have any substance.

buffalo jeans

Following this further, in the same way your jeans are almost like the foundation of your outfit.  They can make the whole outfit flow, or throw everything off balance.  Even if your jeans are slightly the wrong color, your whole outfit will be tainted.  That’s why, whenever you’re trying to pick out what top to wear, you always need to make sure that your shoes and jeans go with it as well!

My first recommendation is that you try to not wear dark on dark, or light on light.  What I mean by that is, if you’re wearing a dark top (like black or navy) then try to wear a lighter pair of jeans.  On the other hand, if you’re wearing a light top, try to wear a darker pair of jeans.  The contrast will make you stand out even more.  However, there are times when it looks classy to wear a nice black button down shirt with a dark blue pair of jeans.  You can also utilize black or brown jeans, or even khaki pants.  You just need to keep an eye out for what looks good.

You also need to determine what kind of fit works best with your style.  Fit means how tight your jeans are.  I don’t recommend going baggy because that’s not in style anymore.  Only wannabe gangsta’s wear baggy jeans.  Plus it doesn’t make you look classy at all.  I would say go for slim fit or regular fit.  Also, you need to decide between boot cut or straight cut.  I like straight cut jeans personally because then the bottoms don’t flair out so much.  But if you are actually wearing boots then you probably should go for boot cut.

jeans style

Lastly, you need to look at the stitching and the pattern on the back pockets.  Some jeans are very plain, and some have a lot more flair to them.  Again, it all depends on what your style is.  There are some brands with really cool patterns on the back pocket, and if a girl is looking at your behind, then that’s the first thing she is going to see.  For classy brands, I suggest going for Buffalo, Guess, or Banana Republic.  If you want a little more flair then check out Rock Revival or Affliction.  You can find these brands at stores like Buckle, Macy’s, or even online.  Happy hunting!


Pierre VonAyre