Rule the Dance Floor like a King

If you’ve ever been to a club, or bar with a dance floor, then you can probably confirm the fact that the majority of people on the dance floor are females (or guys standing there gawking).  If there are any guys on the dance floor actually dancing, they are usually those creepy dudes going up behind chicks and grinding on them randomly.  Do NOT be that guy.  If you are, stop now.  Then there are those guys who go on the dance floor, fart, then leave.  The last type of guy on the dance floor is a rare breed; those guys who know how to dance well and totally dominate the dance floor.  I am one of those guys.

Cool guy dancing

Please don’t take what I say the wrong way, I am not trying to brag or puff myself up.  In fact, I wasn’t always a guy that danced.  I actually used to be pretty shy and would only dance if a girl asked me to, or if I asked and she said yes.  Then the only thing I knew how to do was grind.  Grinding is not dancing.  I don’t even acknowledge a girl if all she wants to do is grind.  Grinding is for amateurs.

Remember this point; if you can dance well (or learn how to), you can single handedly dominate the dance floor and capture every female’s attention.  Fact.  I can give you MANY examples of how I got chicks to approach ME just by dancing.  It wasn’t even like I was trying to dance to impress them, or even trying to dance with them.  I just danced, and had fun doing it.  People would approach me to have random dance battles.  I made friends simply by dancing and having people comment.  It’s actually quite amazing what you can get by simply dancing your butt off.

There are a lot of pick up artists that don’t agree with dancing.  I have even heard a guy describing the dance floor as a “trap.”  I wholeheartedly disagree and Nicholas can back me up on this one.

So how do you come to a point where you can rule the dance floor?  Well, let me tell you it will take some time and effort.  First, you need to get over any fears or reservations you have about dancing in public.  If you’re afraid you will never be able to dance like a pro.  Trust me no one will judge you.  The only guys who get judged are the lame dudes not dancing.  I think getting over your fear is honestly the biggest step.

People are born to dance, even babies dance when they hear music (all babies do it).  So you don’t have any excuses.  I would recommend watching some informational dance videos, try searching “how to do the Melbourne shuffle.”  Also try “how to do the spongebob dance” or “how to dance to dubstep.”  Just try searching through all kinds of dance videos and mimic what they’re doing.  You could also try watching some dancing movies like “Step up.”  Yeah I know that movie is probably dumb, but the dancing is on point (plus girls love how Channing Tatum dances, so why wouldn’t you want to dance like him?).

Guy dancer

Once you have some moves down, it’s time to hit the clubs.  The trick is not to go with the purpose of dancing with girls, or even to get noticed.  You need to go with the purpose of having fun.  If you are having fun, people will notice you and your energy will make you attractive.  Don’t even go up to girls and try to dance with them.  Just feel the music in your soul, step on the dance floor, and start breaking it down.  It make take a few times, but eventually you should get to the point where you’re lighting up the room.  Keep practicing!


Pierre VonAyre