Real Conversations with Women, Nicholas vs. David Beckham

There is a science to having conversations with women. The science is to captivate their attention for a good period of time so that you have them laughing over and over. Laughter is a powerful tool that you should use when having conversations. No women will hate you or not want to talk to you if you can make them laugh. Trust me, there’s been times where I stop talking to women, even on bad terms, and weeks or months later they message me because they want to laugh again. It’s like a powerful drug.

Anyways, here’s a real conversations for you:

Conversation 1: Nicholas & Madeline the hairstylist

I called the hair salon.

Michelle picks up, “Hello, hair salon, how can I help you?” (you get the idea)

Nicholas: “Hi, I want the best hairstylist in your establishment to cut my hair. I’m kind of a big deal.”

Michelle laughs, “Okay, that would be Madeline.”

Nicholas: “You sure she is the best?”

Michelle: “Yes, of course!”

Nicholas: “I’ll be right over.”

Nicholas shows up to the hair salon. “I’m looking for Madeline.”

Madeline (cute woman in her 30′s): “That would be me.”

Nicholas: “So I hear you are the best hairstylist in this place, are these rumors?”

Madeline: “I’ve been cutting hair for 22 years, so I know a thing or two.”

Nicholas: “Okay, hopefully you are as good as they come.”

Madeline: “So what do you want the hairstyle…”, Nicholas interrupts with a picture on his Droid cell, “This.” (It’s a picture of David Beckham)

david beckham haircut

Madeline: “Ooohh, I see. Okay, we can do that.”

She starts cutting my hair, after a few minutes, “how does it look so far?”

Nicholas: “Ask me again in 5 minutes and I’ll tell you one of two things, either a) I will meet my goals and aspirations of being an Express model, or b) I could always go for that hand model thing. I hear they pay good, like $5 a hand picture or something.”

Madeline laughs.

Nicholas: “Or I could always say, ‘hey ladies, I know the hair looks bad but it’s Halloween so I’m trying to look like that guy with a bad haircut’, and if that doesn’t work, I can always say, ‘my ex gf got mad and cut my hair while I was sleeping.’”

Madeline laughs hard.

After the haircut is completed, Nicholas proceeds to pay at the desk which is run by Michelle, the woman who picked up earlier.

Nicholas: “Michelle, looks like you were right. Madeline did a great job. So who is going to take the bill you or her?”

Michelle and Madeline both laugh.

Nicholas: “No, I’m serious.”

Both laugh again.

Nicholas: “Alright, I guess this one time I will fork the bill but next time one of you ladies has to pick up on the hair dressery ‘I’ll pay for Nicholas‘ haircut’ manner etiquette.”

Both laugh hard.

Nicholas: “Ciao ladies, it was a pleasure”.

After paying, Nicholas leaves. And Madeline got a good tip, a real good tip.

Notes and Lessons:

1) Nicholas is always in control. He knows WHO he wants to speak with and WHAT he wants his hair to be. Never walk into a place whether it’s a bar, club, protein shop, or a hair salon and say, “I’m not sure what I want.” This shows weakness.

2) Nicholas is so comfortable that he can make the women laugh that he doesn’t care what he says. Laughter is a skill that is developed with time and practice. The key is to try out different methods until you are comfortable using them in the field.

3) Always tip good. This means anywhere that requires a tip: bars, restaurants, hair salons, taxis, etc. And by good I mean 20 to 25% of what the price is. You never want to be seen as the guy who is a cheap bastard.