Professor of Mixology

It’s no secret that women like a learned man.  If you know a lot about a variety of different topics (but not in a prideful way), it will make you look intelligent and classy.  You should be able to easily converse on any topic at any time.  A man who is on a one track mind, like a guy who can only talk about sports, will ultimately find himself jacking off alone in his mom’s basement.  One topic that you should be well-versed on is alcohol.

I am in no way saying that you should be an alcoholic.  In fact, real pick up artists don’t get drunk!  Sure we like to have a couple drinks in a social environment, but getting too drunk will bring you way past the point where you are successfully able to pick up women.  It clouds your thoughts and makes you slur your words, ultimately making you sound like a moron.  I digress.  My point in this article is that you should learn about different types of alcohol.

Losers and college students drink Pabst Blue Ribbon or Keystone Light.  Men drink craft beer, wine, scotch, and a variety of other higher class drinks.  In my last article, I talked about how drinking champagne can help you get the best conversion rate in bar.  However, being learned about different types of alcohol can also get you a better conversion rate.


Women don’t usually like really hard drinks like scotch, so I would suggest start you learning in the craft beer and wine categories.  Start searching around the internet to find out about the different types of beer out there (lager, stouts, IPA, etc.).  Having a taste for different types of beer is definitely acquired.  I only used to like Keystone light in college, then I grew up.

As far as wine goes, man up and start drinking red wine.  It’s okay to like white wine, but that’s sissy stuff (and a beverage only reserved for hot summer days).  In any case, I would still personally drink red wine.  There is an abundance of information out there about the different types of red wines and the regions where they come from (cabernet, shiraz, pinot noir, etc.).  The name of the type of wine (cabernet), is usually the type of grape involved in making the wine.  The wine you buy will also come from different regions around the world (Argentina, Chile, France, etc.).  Usually a region will be more specialized in the type of wine they are known for.  For example, a lot of malbec wine comes from Argentina.

A trick I would suggest is to start going to a local wine shop (a good one), and start asking the staff questions.  Don’t overwhelm them and be annoying, but gather information little by little each time you go in.  Also start a “wine and beer” journal.  Every time you try a new brand or type, journal about it by noting the region, type, flavor, smells, etc.  For example, wine will usually have hints of different flavors and spices (cherry, blackberry, etc.).  Try to see if you can catch the different flavors.  Also, be sure to ask the store clerk about different wine terminology that he uses.

Wealthy and sophisticated people usually know a lot about this type of thing, so you need to come off like you are as knowledgeable as they come!


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”