Nicholas Diamond Bio

To understand Nicholas Diamond is not possible. The guy is a genius when it comes to game. His methods and tactics are so out of the norm that he is considered by many as the pinnacle of game itself. Nicholas is quick witted and able to verbally spar with the best of them. The hottest women are left confused after a single statement out of his mouth. He only speaks in statements and leaves many stunned. He is a breath of fresh air when it comes to game. Those who’ve had the privilege of knowing Nicholas are still trying to figure him out. The man comes and goes as he pleases with such intelligent tactics, which some label manipulating that it’s simply beyond game. When asked if Nicholas’ tactics are manipulative, he responded calmly with “I call it persuasion on steroids”.

To sum up his game is to try and simply calculate all the digits of pi. It is not possible. Here are two examples of what he has done in the field. This would simply give you a glimpse into what he does or who he is:

Nicholas walked into the most popular club in NYC with a gold watch, unbuttoned shirt down to his mid-chest level, with trimmed chest hair, stud earrings, spiked up hair, blue guess pants, black socks, and black Aldo square toed shoes. Now the way he dresses itself is a wonder. For example, his gold watch does not work. It has simply stopped at whatever time he sets it to. Why does he do this? Who knows? But here is how he picked up a super hot woman by simply wearing a broken and out of battery gold watch.

“Listen, my watch has stopped. What do you have to say for yourself?”

She says, “What do you mean?”

Nicholas: “Time has stopped and the only thing you have to say is what do you mean? What if this is the only time that this event happens in the history of the world? Let’s try again. (Rewinds his watch 30 seconds and shows her while doing this). Listen, my watch has stopped. What do you have to say for yourself?”

She says, “My name is Jennifer.”

Nicholas: “Good Jennifer, now since this is a one time event. How about we start with some drinks? You order.”

Jennifer: “Okay, I want a cranberry vodka.”

Nicholas: “Why are you telling me? Tell the bartender.”

Jennifer: “Okay, but are you buying?”

Nicholas: “No, I’m selling.”

Jennifer: “Selling what?”

Nicholas: “Drugs. No you goof, I’m selling my broken watch.” (Starts to get close and plays with her arms. “Nice watch you have there, what is it?”)

…Fast forward 5 minutes, Nicholas is making out with Jennifer.

Nicholas: “I have a confession to make.”

Jennifer: “What is it?”

Nicholas: “I don’t have a zipper.”

Jennifer: “What do you mean?”

Nicholas: “Look.” (Points to his pants and there is no zipper)

Jennifer: “Why don’t you have a zipper?”

Nicholas: “Because I like to go Commando.”

Jennifer: “Doesn’t Commando mean you are not wearing any underwear?”

Nicholas: ” ;)

Second pick up in the field, absolutely outrageous.

Nicholas walks into one of the highest rated clubs in Canada. And no, he is not Canadian. The hottest woman walks over to him to ask him if he wants a dance. Oh, forgot to mention, this is a strip club.

Anna: “Want a dance?”

Nicholas: “Let me buy an expensive drink first.”

Anna: “Okay, make it a double Blue Label”

Nicholas: “Okay, I like Blue Label.”

(Drink arrives)

Nicholas chugs the drink.

The beautiful woman is so shocked and confused. She gets pissed and walks away.

One of the biggest players around who saw Nicholas do this comes over and says, “Dude why would you drink that when you bought it for her?”

Nicholas replies calmly, “Why not?”

The player looks confused, “Are you serious? You just missed your chance with that super hot woman.”

Nicholas chuckles, “Quite the contrary, I can pick that woman up anytime that I want.”

Player: “What do you mean?”

Nicholas: “I will always be that guy who drank  her drink.” …walks further into the club for his next pick up…