Maneuvering the B*tch Shield

So here you are trying to better yourself in every way so that you can start getting better with the ladies.  You try to wear all the right clothes, groom yourself nicely, and you work on your approach and conversational skills.  All good things.  You start going out regularly to popular night spots so that you can practice your newly developed skills.  You start finding that you are getting more and more successful as you practice.  But then, it happens.  You approach a girl casually trying to start a fun conversation, but she TOTALLY shuts you down (and not in a nice way either).  This is what we like to call a “bitch shield.”  In fact, the shut down is so brutal that you have never come across anything like it.  You’re totally blown out of the water, and even offended.  ”What did I do to deserve this?  I wasn’t even trying to be a jerk or anything!”

You may not come across the above described scenario often, but let me assure you that it WILL happen.  Us men are fairly used to rejection, but this is not some normal rejection that I’m talking about here.  I’m talking about a full out rejection that will leave you feeling insulted, and will even hurt your pride a bit.  This is a time where you need to man up.  Don’t take it personally because she doesn’t actually know you.  She’s just putting up her bitch shield because she has been hit on by COUNTLESS guys.


You see, women use the bitch shield to filter out the weak.  They have been hit on so much that, to them, guys are a dime a dozen.  The real men here gentlemen, are the ones who can get through the bitch shield.  But, it isn’t easy at first.  You need to know exactly what to say and how to say it.  That is the tricky part here.  The woman is so puffed up that you need to bring her off of her cloud.  It’s not about being mean and insulting her, because then she automatically wins because she knows she got to you and hurt your feelings.  You’re out!

What you need to do is disqualify her and her hotness like it doesn’t mean anything to you.  You are not a man phased by an attractive woman.  You also need to show that you are unaffected by what she says to you.  Laugh it off as if she was joking (because she probably is on some level).  It’s called “playful banter” and it is truly an art form.  It’s hard to master, but once you get it down you will be all set.

Here is a bit of an example.  I was out with my buddy the other day, and he is pretty new at the game so I was giving him some pointers.  I told him to talk to this girl sitting next to us and he TOTALLY got shut down by her.  She was making fun of his shirt, and shot down any argument he had because he started getting defensive so he showed that his feelings were hurt.

I had enough of her crap.  So I decided to shut her down.

Pierre: Well you’re friend definitely dances better than that guy over there

Girl: She dances better than anyone in the bar…including you.

Pierre: I don’t think so.

Girl: Well I didn’t ask to see.

Pierre: Haha, well you couldn’t afford to see anyway.

Girl’s friend comes over and asks if she wants to go to the other side of the bar….girl hesitates

Pierre: Yes, I think she should leave. (now I’m disqualifying and rejecting her) – girl looks at me with an angry but confused face.  So I look right into her eyes and say….I think you should leave.

Boom!  She walks away with her head spinning and can’t say anything back.  Pierre 1, Bitchy Girl 0.  You see what happened there?  I disqualified her and shut her down.  I acted like her statements didn’t bother me and I could give a crap less what she thinks.

You will come across these kinds of girls gentlemen.  The key is learning how to let their words slide off your back and to answer them in a way where you’re disqualifying them, and qualifying yourself.  Don’t brag or be pompous, but rather have good comebacks.