Make the Whole Bar Your Domain

Let’s face it, a lot of guys (and girls) try to go out to the bars or clubs to meet people.  However, the vast majority of guys who go out just end up standing in the corner or at the bar with their friends.  They get no special treatment over anyone else, and end up going home alone at the end of the night.  Not so with the guys here at Seduction Wolf.  When we go out, we take over the club.  We have the bartenders giving us priority treatment, and we have the bouncers treating us like star guests.  Sometimes even the managers invite us to the club personally.  It’s not like we’re any more special than any other guy there, we just know how to work the bar scene to our favor.

club lights

The good news is, any guy can accomplish the same status.  The trick is that you have to be very outgoing and sociable, which you should be anyways or else you wouldn’t be able to talk to women.  What you have to do is to first pick 2 to 3 bars where you can become a regular.  Becoming a regular is the key principle in becoming the ‘master’ of any bar or club.  No more than 3 though or else you’ll just make it harder for the staff to get to know you.  Make it strategic as well, start becoming a regular at one bar, then once the staff there starts to know you move on to the second one.

So let’s focus on the first bar; the second you walk in the door you need to greet the bouncer.  Everyone and their mother just gives the bouncer their ID and moves on to the “better” things in the club.  Becoming friends with the bouncer is important because they control who comes in and who doesn’t.  Also, they can watch your back if they know and like you.  The way you greet the bouncer is first you have to start making jokes with them when you give them your ID.  Say something like, “man you got the best seat in the house here, you get to look at all the girls coming in.”  That usually goes over pretty well.  You want to compliment the bouncer and make him feel like he’s the man.  Then give him daps and walk in (if you don’t know what daps are, look it up).  Wikipedia even has the “dap greeting.”  After seeing the same bouncers in the next following weeks, they will come to know you and will just wave you in.  This will make you look like you’re important, like you don’t need an ID.  Always greet them warmly and give them daps.

brad pitt

Next work on the staff; bartenders and shot girls.  The staff is easy to talk to you because basically they have to.  Don’t try to pick up the hot girls that work there right away, that may or may not happen in time.  What you NEED to do is to make friends with all of the staff.  They need to know you and like you.  The way to accomplish this is to focus on the guys working there first, because EVERY other guy there will be trying to hit on the hot girls that work there.  If there aren’t guys working there, then be very friendly with the female staff members.  When you order drinks, use the opportunity to make jokes and small talk.  Ask them questions about themselves and their jobs.  Be very friendly and don’t cross the line to where you are hitting on them.  Also, remember to tip very well with your first drink.  Tip them like $3 or $4 the first time, then $1 with every other drink after that.  Remember, players never get drunk at the bar, so you shouldn’t be getting more than 3 beers anyway.

After a few weeks of joking around with the staff, you should know them by name and they should know your name.  After about a month, you will be able to walk in the club like you’re VIP.  The bouncers will just wave you in, and the staff members will greet you warmly.  This will effectively raise your status level.  Enjoy!


Pierre VonAyre