Make it or Break it With the Right Haircut

Let’s face the facts, a man’s haircut is pretty much the foundation of his whole look.  You can be dressed like the biggest baller in town, but if your haircut is sub-par, you won’t even make it as far as asking a girl what she does for a living before she walks away in disgust.  Remember that buzz cut that you like to rock because it’s easy to maintain?  About that; the only thing that buzz cut will do for you is earn you an extra 5 minutes in the morning to wonder why you still have problems attracting women.  Call me old fashioned, but I think a buzz cut should be reserved for hill billies and children.

Before I go into where you should actually get your haircut, I need to briefly mention what kind of style you should go for.  Well to be honest, there really is no definite right answer here.  You need to do some research into what’s “in” right now.  Look up celebrity hair styles and see what they’re sporting these days.  Some notable celebrities with awesome hair: David Beckham, Justin Bieber (don’t hate), Brad Pitt, Mr. T, and The Cookie Monster.  Still paying attention?  Good.

My point is, find celebrities that girls are attracted to and emulate their hair.  You also need to find a style that goes with the shape of your head, so find a celebrity with your shape as well.  For example, I tend to go for David Beckham styles.  Right now I’m rocking the feux style

It is important to stress how important it is to choose your hair stylist wisely.  Important rule; never let a man touch your hair.  Never!  Men aren’t attracted to you, so why would they care what your hair looks like?  I’ve given male stylists/barbers many chances, and every time I walk out looking like a jack@ss.  Seriously.  Don’t do it.  Save yourself the trouble and go for a woman.  You’ll be able to ask for their honest opinion on your chosen style, or even ask them what they think will go well on you.

Please refer to my article about not being cheap.  In the article I talk about not going for cheap haircuts.  Don’t do it!  The amount you pay will directly affect the way you look.  If you get a $15 haircut, you’re going to look like crap.  Trust me.  Also, don’t be one of those dudes that does your own hair!  It sucks.  I know you think you do a good job, but you don’t stop kidding yourself.  I have never met a guy that does his own hair and it ends up looking good.  It ALWAYS looks dumb.  Looking “normal” is the same as looking like crap.  Refer to the peacocking article to find out why.  To be safe, make sure you pay at least $25-$30 for your haircut.  I don’t believe you need to go as high as $50 or anything like that, so don’t worry too much.

I’ve honestly found malls to have good hair salons in them.  Go online and read some reviews.  I go to this joint called Lord’s & Lady’s.  It’s in a mall and the lady there gave me the best haircut I’ve had in a while.  I’ve also gone to other salons in malls before, and they always worked out nicely.  Another word of advice, when going into a salon make sure you call ahead and ask to make an appointment with “the best person for men’s haircuts.”  Ask for that specifically.  Then once you’ve found someone who does it well, stick to them!


Pierre VonAyre