Location, Location, Location!

A deciding factor of your success, sometimes even more so than your game, is the venue that you choose to hang out in.  All bars are not created equal.  You need to try to get a feel for the place and ditch it quickly if it isn’t up to your standards.  Some bars have a lot of dudes and sketchy people (see article on drinks guys).  Others aren’t popping off most of the time, boring!  And some, even though they are packed with girls, have a general snobby attitude that flows through the crowd which completely ruins your game.

One big mistake that we used to make all the time was that we spent way too much time at a bar that wasn’t popping.  We were afraid to leave because we thought that the moment we left girls would start pouring in.  At the same time, we were choosing to hang out at bars that straight up sucked.  The bad part was, we kept going back!  We woke up one day and realized our folly, but learned a valuable lesson; the surrounding environment will either compliment or hurt your game.

cool venue

For example, if you’re spending most of your time at a sports bar, you probably won’t run into a lot of women because that’s not normally where they spend their time.  Girls don’t mind sports being on in the background, but more often than not they like it when there’s a dance floor so they can have fun with their friends.  They also don’t like the presence of a lot of sketchy guys.  Sketchy dudes repel women, naturally.

When you go out for the purpose of talking to women, you need to go where they go.  That’s why it’s important to find the right clubs when you start out.  Make it a point to go on a search in an area where there are multiple bars and clubs.  Start to visit each one and get a real feel for the environment; check out what kind of people hang out there and the friendliness of the staff.  Give each bar a 2 or 3 chances before writing it off completely, but each night you should rotate between 3 different venues.  The next night, you should go to the same bars but at different times than the night before.  The reason for this is because different bars pop off at different times.   Some places people use for pre-gaming before moving onto another place, while other places don’t start getting busy until 11:30 or 12.

In the end, you should really choose a place where you feel most comfortable and where your style fits in best.


Pierre VonAyre