Lesson Learned

It’s funny how life can throw you lessons in strange ways sometimes, even indirectly.  It is always important to stay aware of what people are saying and doing around you because you never know where the lesson may come from.  Watch, listen, think.  A few days ago I was listening to a conversation between a couple girls who I’m friends with.  I wasn’t creeping in on their conversation, but was rather in the same room doing something else.

The one girl, named Christine, was talking about her boyfriend Jason and his identical twin brother.  Note the word IDENTICAL, that comes in handy at the end of the story.  Now Jason is an okay guy, a little quiet at times, but pleasant to talk to.  I wouldn’t put him in the Wolf category by any means, but he’s a decent guy.  A normal “good guy.”

Christine was talking about some of the times she has spent with Jason and his family.  She said that she, in fact, did not find his IDENTICAL twin attractive.  To be more specific, she thought his twin was ugly.  IDENTICAL.  I can’t stress that enough.  How can you think one twin is more or less attractive than another twin?  I can even vouch for the fact that they do look exactly the same.  I even saw a picture of the twin and I was like “oh, hey it’s Jason…why is he with another girl?”


Of course, at this point I had to butt into the conversation and ask, “how can you find his twin brother ugly and yet you find Jason attractive?”  It made no sense at the time.  Then came the reason why, and it totally makes sense when you read Seduction Wolf!  It was ALL because of his PERSONALITY.

You see, as we always talk about, what it really comes down to is your game (which is a product of your personality).  In the end, girls are a lot less visual than guys, so personality is of much greater importance than how you actually look physically.  This is why it’s important to develop your inner game and become The Wolf.  You need to become your BEST SELF on the inside, before you work on the outside (but both can be done simultaneously).

Take the lesson and run with it!


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”