Kicking Back Grampa’s Old Cough Medicine: A Game Blunder

You’re out with your boys and the night is young.  You start sipping on a couple beers to get in the mood.  Once you get to the right level of intoxication, you feel like you can conquer the world.  You instantly feel the ability to dance your butt off or approach the hottest girl without thinking twice.  It’s like liquid balls.  However, many guys don’t realize that even getting too buzzed (let alone drunk) can completely wreck their game.  That’s why rule numero uno for a successful club night is, a true Wolf doesn’t get drunk.

I’ve seen the mistake done time and time again (and have even done so on occasion myself); a guy will go out one night with all the right intentions, but will mess everything up because he got a little too drunk.  I’m not even referring to that guy who gets plastered and is running down the street half-naked.  I’m talking about the dude who is even a little too buzzed.  This can be even after 3 or 4 beers.

A friend of mine is a prime example of the point I’m trying to convey.  He goes out dressed well and is a good looking guy.  Many girls have told me that they find him attractive.  However, his downfall is that he has one too many beers.  He starts doing weird things and saying things in a way that start offending girls rather than attracting them.  The bad part is, he doesn’t even realize that he’s messing everything up.

guy at bar alone

The problem with having even one too many drinks is that you don’t realize what you’re doing.  You don’t know that YOU are messing everything up.  Even saying something slightly the wrong way could mess up your whole game.  I’m not trying to demonize drinking here.  However, I am pointing out the fact that being under the influence significantly affects your game.  I have an even better example to prove my point.

Another friend of mine used to drink moderately and wouldn’t exceed 3 beers in a night.  His game was good, he dressed well, and he’s a good looking dude.  He was also successful in the field.  However, he had to start taking certain medication for 2 months which prohibited him from drinking.  At first we thought it would be a bummer because he couldn’t share drinks with us guys.  But, we started to notice a strange side effect.  His game increased 100%!  He started becoming more and more successful in the field!

Trust me, his experience wasn’t just because he had more practice.  This guy didn’t need any more practice.  He just started closing more and more girls, it was crazy!  Week after week of not drinking got him better and better results.  After a few weeks, I couldn’t ignore it any longer.  There is logic in all of this madness though.  Because he didn’t drink, he had a sound and stable mind so he could think more clearly.  That enabled him to spit out witty comebacks and to converse with more ease.  He also noticed that when he didn’t drink he stopped over-thinking the initial approach.

When you drink too much you start to act more and more like  a fool, whether you realize it or not.  I’m not saying don’t drink, rather I’m saying pace yourself and keep your cool.  Two to three drinks over the course of the night should be plenty.  You will be able to approach girls with a sound mind and you’ll see that conversations will start to flow easier.


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”