If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say

Then don’t say anything at all.  Hasn’t your mother ever told you that before?  If not, then hear me now.  It’s easy to be that guy who gets laughs by making fun of other people around him, especially those drunk idiots doing dumb things around you.  But what happens when you’re talking to a girl, you see someone being weird and make fun of them, then that person turns out to be related to the person you’re talking to?  Spoiler alert: you’re out.

The scenario that I described above is not far fetched at all because it actually happened to me one time.  I was flirting with this girl and everything was going well.  She was looking cute in a short skirt; not showing too much, but enough to keep it classy and sexy.  I was cracking jokes and making her and her friends laugh, so I was totally in (or so I thought).  Suddenly a drunk guy was dancing around and he kept bumping into me.

I said, “Jeez this guy keeps bumping into me, what a drunk idiot.”

Then she said, “Um, that’s my brother.”

Out.  Totally Out.  I was out so fast and there was no way I could recover from that.  No one could.  Lesson learned though, don’t talk trash about the people around you because you don’t know who is interconnected in the club.  You don’t know who you’re talking about, and how anyone relates to each other.  I have been in plenty of clubs where I would see people “group hop.”  They would mingle around with 2-3 different groups, so an unsuspecting person would never know who they are actually friends with.

guy flirting

It’s honestly best not to talk trash about anyone.  Yes you can have playful banter with the girl you’re talking to and jokingly make fun of her, but that’s a different story.  Keep your comments about others to yourself and play it safe.


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”