How Watching Adult Content Can Ruin Your Game

Many guys are obsessed with watching adult movies. They get obsessed because they fancy themselves with all the “beautiful” women that they see on their screen. However, they should know that a) those women without makeup are not exactly that pretty and b) it’s just a fantasy. It is not real. So how does this affect your game? It affects your game because of three things:

1) It makes you become lazy

What do I mean it makes you lazy? Trust me, there was a time when I would go out to a bar and not talk to any girls because I couldn’t wait to get back to my place to watch an adult movie. Now you may think, “Oh but I do not do that.” But in actuality, you are doing it. If you don’t think that you do this, then simply stop watching such content or movies. See if you can go for 7 days without it and see how it affects your game. Trust me, you will see a HUGE difference.

fat and lazy

2) It is a backup plan

If you cannot pick up a girl, you think to yourself, “So what? I can go back and watch that movie again.” It makes you not want to try hard because you have an alternative if all things fail. This can be shown in an example. Let’s say you are in a contest where if you run 10 miles you will win $10,000. However, let’s also say that before you entered this contest you won the scratch ticket for $25,000. Now do you think the version 1 of you who doesn’t have any money will try harder than the version 2 of you who just won $25,000 previously before entering the contest? See how it makes sense? The version of you that relies on watching adult content will not succeed as the version of you that does not watch it. If you want to do a test, then stop watching all types of filth for 1 week and see if it does not affect your game. I dare you.

3) It affects your ability in the bedroom

Watching movies will put all these fake crap in your head so that when you actually are with a girl, you end up turning her off. The reason is because all those moves you’ve learned in the movies are all fake. Yes, you read it. FAKE. Most girls will never do what you see in the movies and this will make you become depressed because it will directly affect your fake delusional fantasy. This is why I recommend staying away from such BS.


So what’s the solution?

The solution is this: When you stop watching such BS, you will improve your game. How badly do you want to improve your game? It all begins with a sacrifice. If you stop doing what you’ve been doing and do something new, your game will dramatically change. Now you know me and how I like to give examples, so here’s one:

I literally went more than 5 days without watching bad movies. It was a very difficult task; especially, the days when I was stressed and tired of working, going to the gym, being bored, etc. So along came Friday night at the bar. I literally walked into the bar and approached each and every girl who I found attractive. There was no stopping me. My game was on point, and the reason was because there was no alternative! I either picked up an attractive woman or went home and slept! When you put yourself in such a situation, trust me, you will no longer care about what to say. You’ll simply HAVE game. It takes balls and discipline. So get your act together and start now. Remember it just takes 5-7 days to see results, what do you have to lose?