How to Use Eye Contact like a Dragon

If you want to attract a beautiful woman, you need to make eye contact. This is one of the most under-the-radar ways to pick up a woman that most men do not even realize. The eye contact I am referring to is one that is so powerful that a woman can’t help but feel ATTRACTION for you. You need to be careful with how you use this tip because it is very powerful.

Most men could not tell the difference between a manly eye contact and one made by a lesser and wussier version of yourself. Most men use their eyes as much as they use their pinky in an arm wrestling match; none. When you are speaking to a woman look at one of her eyes with both of yours and then look at her other eye. Do NOT look away at all when you are speaking. Each and every time you speak, you maintain your eye contact. By doing this, she will automatically and instantaneously realize you are NOT like other guys. What type of guy simply does not look away or break his eye contact? A Man.

She will start to feel an attraction for you because you are releasing her attraction hormones. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so when you speak to her and look into her eyes, you are building a deeper connection with her. She will start to fall for you. Now of course, you have to remember that your style has to be on point. If you are looking like a foot fungus then you will creep her out. However, if you follow Pierre’s style advice and my tips and tricks for talking with beautiful women, you’ll start to make her fall for you.

eye contact

Next time you are out, try the powerful eye contact I mentioned. Simply look into both of her eyes and do not look away when speaking. When she speaks, you also look into her eyes as well. Simply put, your entire attention is on her. Remember, most guys cannot maintain a good and manly eye contact so when your eyes start to wonder, that’s when you start looking at her chest, butt, etc. and you will turn her off. Good eye contact is for real men who know better than to check her out like everyone else.