How to Raise Your Sex Appeal by a Few Notches

It’s Nicholas here and if there is something I know, it’s sex appeal. Most guys are clueless about the fact that they can look good with ease. In fact, these tips will seem so simple, you will slap yourself with a smelly fish. Yuck. I am going to cover three quick sections (you know I don’t like writing much). The three sections are eyes, hair, and smell. Already I know what you are thinking. “Wow, I kind of already know what Nicholas is going to talk about.” No you don’t, so shut your trapper keeper. If you knew, then you’d be with beautiful women all day long.

So the first thing I’m going to cover is your eyes. Do NOT wear glasses, switch over to contacts. This right here will step up your sex appeal by a few notches. Most people associate glasses with nerdy, geeky, and sometimes smart. However, no hot babe wants to date a guy who looks smart. They want to date a guy who looks GOOD, and if you are smart on top of that, then even better. When you wear glasses, especially at a bar or a club, you look like the ultimate loser. I’m being serious here so pay attention. I know what I am talking about because I’ve been in the game and tested every thing you can imagine. I’ve done it all, literally.

I’ve walked into a bar wearing pointy earrings with black eye contacts and nose ring to make me look like an alien from another planet. Yes, I’ve done many things to test out. I frankly don’t give a chicken’s butt hole to what the other men think because at the end of the day when they are wearing a regular t-shirt with normal pants and a backwards hat, I’m picking up the hot babes.

hair gel man

The next thing is your hair. If you do not use a hair dryer or gel, you are missing out BIG TIME. Try it out for yourself. Literally gel the front part of your hair and you will see that more babes will check you out. You see women like a guy who takes care of himself and by gelling your hair, you stand out from the other pack of losers. Why use a hair dryer? Because it is much easier to make your hair stand up when you come out of the shower.

This should be your routine right here: take a shower, use a towel to dry your hair, finish off with a blow dryer facing upwards to make your hair stand up, then use a gel like Short & Sexy, Paul Mitchell, or the green Red Ken to look and smell good. I do this whenever I am going to the gym as well because while every other guy smells and looks like balls, I still look good. It makes girls say to themselves, “Wow, if this guy looks this GOOD at the gym, imagine what he looks like outside!”

redken hair gel
Last, it is all about your smell. Make sure that you use a deodorant before you go out, no one wants to smell body odor. Use the original Old Spice for deodorant because it smells good and lasts a long time. You should be applying deodorant twice a day; once in the morning and once after 6 pm. Make sure you change your shower towel once a week so you do not smell like mold. Also use a different towel for washing and wiping your face. You should wash your face with a facial or pore cleanser like Neutrogena twice a day; once in the morning and once before you go to sleep.

That’s it! You apply those 3 quick and easy steps and girls will start to fall for you without you even realizing it. It disgusts me when I know how many men do not use deodorant or wash their oily faces. Ninety percent of men do not gel their hair and as far as wearing contacts, you can forget about it! Stand out, be the man that women desire. No more excuses. Class dismissed.